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The most common accidents where you may not be at fault

If you have been in an accident, chances are that you may be questioning whether you are at fault, or was the other driver responsible for the crash. Depending on the type of crash you are involved in, you probably know that you were not to blame. But in either event, there must be proof of negligence to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit.

But in lieu of such proof, there are certain types of accidents where the moving party is almost always at fault. This post will highlight them. 

Chemical safety and swimming pools

There are various amenities a business might make available to its patrons. For some businesses, these amenities might include a swimming pool. For such companies, one thing that it can be critical to give appropriate focus to when it comes to their pools is chemical safety. This can be an important aspect of protecting both their patrons’ safety and the business’ interests.

There are various chemicals that can be involved in maintaining a swimming pool, such as chlorine. How such chemicals are handled can have major safety implications. Missteps related to such handling could subject users of a pool to harmful chemical exposures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that the U.S. sees 3,000 to 5,000 emergency room visits a year related to harms coming out of chemical mishandlings connected to residential and public pools, spas and hot tubs.

Trench disaster may leave you at a loss

When your spouse went off to work each day, you may have felt the dread that comes when a loved one works a hazardous construction job. On the other hand, maybe, for your own peace of mind, you dismissed the danger and trusted in your spouse's skill and the safety measures taken by his or her Louisiana employer.

Nevertheless, the tragic news came to you that there had been a trench cave-in at your spouse's worksite, and you now face the worst possible outcome.

Motor vehicle accidents: Arrest follows fatal Louisiana crash

Despite the ongoing efforts by various companies and organizations to educate the general public about the potential dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there are those in Louisiana and across the country who continue to do so. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents can frequently result from such a decision, often with fatal consequences. In fact, one man recently lost his life in an accident believed to have been caused by an intoxicated driver.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 one morning on a day in late June. According to reports, the 24-year-old victim was a passenger in a sedan driven by a 30-year-old man. Police say that the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to exit the roadway and strike a tree before overturning. All four occupants were ejected.

U.S. seeing trend of high commercial auto insurance claims

Many things can have very big implications in the wake of a commercial vehicle accident, such as a big rig accident. One is how high of insurance claim payouts end up coming up in connection to the crash.

A recent article indicates that, lately, there has been a trend of relatively high claims payouts in the realm of commercial vehicle insurance.

What Louisiana parishes see the most injury-causing auto accidents?

All sorts of things could impact the compensation situation of a person hurt in a Louisiana auto crash. This not only includes the specifics of their accident, but also the actions they take following the crash. So, having the right information when deciding what steps and actions to take in the wake of their accident can be critical for victims of Louisiana traffic crashes. This underscores the important role having quality legal representation and guidance can play following getting hurt out on the roads.

As many things can impact a person’s situation after an injury-causing crash, so can many things impact a person’s likelihood of being exposed to such a crash. One thing that can influence this likelihood is where they live and drive in the state. Different parts of the state have different traffic safety conditions and see different injury accident rates.

Don't get tripped up by a premises liability claim

From the day your business opened, you have probably worked hard to ensure its success. You train your employees well, keep careful records, and maintain a clean and organized establishment. Nevertheless, you may have seen the life of your business flash before your eyes when you saw a customer lying on the floor.

Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents are among the most common premises liability lawsuits business owners face. If you have a procedure in place for dealing with spills and other hazards as quickly as possible, you are less likely to face the consequences of such a lawsuit. However, even the most diligent business owners cannot ignore the possibility that someone will be injured on their properties.

The challenges of workplace safety conversations

Among the conversations that can be critical ones in a workplace are safety conversations. And this doesn’t just include the safety talks a business’ management has with workers. It also includes the conversations workers have with each other about safety.

What is happening in a company’s workplace when it comes to safety conversations can impact how the company’s employees act safety-wise. This, in turn, can affect the injury likelihood of:

Safety best practices guide issued for communication tower work

Today’s smartphone era is fueled by the work of a wide range of different workers. This includes the workers who build and perform maintenance work on cell towers.

There are certain aspects of communication tower work that can present safety concerns, including the high heights it can be performed at. So, there is the potential for communication tower workers to suffer major falls or other significant workplace accidents.

The many potential impacts of the truck parking shortage

One difficulty trucking companies are coming across these days here in the U.S. is a shortage of truck parking. In a previous post, we noted that one problem this can create for trucking companies is the possibility of their truck drivers ending up parking in unauthorized areas. However, this is by no means the only problem the shortage can give rise to.

A recent TruckerPath report found that finding parking can take a long time for truck drivers in today’s era of parking shortages. This can increase the amount of time drivers are out on the roads. Among the things this can have impacts on is hours of service (HOS) rule compliance. The report noted that a majority of the truck drivers it surveyed said that troubles with finding parking had caused them to violate HOS rules. A trucking company’s truckers being accused of not being in compliance with HOS rules can be problematic for a company in many contexts, including in personal injury cases coming out of a truck accident.

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