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Federal data underestimating distracted driving deaths?

Distracted driving, in addition to being dangerous, can also raise some very complicated issues.

For one, it can do this within personal injury cases. Cases involving alleged distracted driving crashes can have added complexities. This can include particularly complex issues related to evidence and proving fault. This can create special challenges for individuals seeking just compensation for harm done to them in distracted driving crashes. An important thing for such crash victims to know is that they can reach out for help in dealing with such challenges. Experienced car crash lawyers can provide victims of distracted drivers with help and guidance when it comes to the various legal issues arising in their case.

Promoting safe driving among young workers

Many businesses have some of their workers drive as part of their job. How these workers behave on the roads can have major impacts. In addition to affecting the employees’ own safety, it could impact the likelihood of a worker getting into a traffic accident that harms others. Such crashes can raise some complicated, and possibly very financially impactful, legal issues for the company the worker is with.

So, it can be critical for businesses to promote safe driving among their employees who drive as part their work. Among the workers that can raise some special safety concerns for employers when it comes to driving on the job are younger workers. One reason for this is that the accident rates for younger drivers are particularly high.

Security measures may help your company avoid liability claims

As a business owner, you certainly want to keep your assets safe. Additionally, you undoubtedly also want to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your patrons. Because various factors could play roles in the overall safety of your business, your security plan could include procedures that specifically meet your needs.

Without proper security measures, the possibility exists that a patron or other individual could attempt to take legal action against you in the event that he or she suffers injuries on your property. Unfortunately, some parties could still attempt to take such action even if you do have an extensive security plan. In such a case, you will certainly want to defend against the claims. In hopes of avoiding such a situation altogether, you may want to ensure that your security procedures remain updated.

The importance of not underestimating pressure washer injuries

Sometimes, things go wrong when cleaning tasks are being performed at a workplace, leading to an accident. For example, mishaps sometimes occur with pressure washers that lead to the user or another worker suffering an injury.

When a pressure washer injury doesn’t initially appear to be very severe, a worker might assume that getting treatment isn’t really necessary.

Tired workers could have major financial impacts on a business

It appears that Americans are no strangers to fatigue. According to National Safety Council estimates, around 43 percent of individuals here in the U.S. have sleep levels that are low enough to negatively impact things like their safety, productivity and cognitive abilities.

And it appears that being tired on the job is also very common in the United States. NSC estimates put the percentage of Americans who indicate they feel fatigued at work at 76 percent.

Workplace injury likelihood particularly high among EMS workers

Emergency medical service workers help people in times of great need and distress. Unfortunately, in the course of doing this important work, such workers sometimes end up in distressing situations themselves. For one, injuries can sometimes occur during the course of performing EMS work.

In fact, data suggests workplace injuries are particularly common among EMS workers. According to data in a recent National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health fact sheet, the lost workday rate of such workers is three times the rate for private industry workers in general.

Safety issues can have financial and workforce impacts for companies

There are many steps small businesses can take to promote workplace safety. This includes providing employee safety training, putting policies in place regarding safety issues relevant to their workplace and creating an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting possible safety problems. What safety measures a business takes can be very impactful for it, as how safe its workplace is can have many ramifications for the company’s well-being.

For one, workplace safety problems could impact a company financially. How safe a business’ workplace is can impact how likely workers or visitors are to suffer injuries when at the business. Legal issues that have the potential to be costly for a business can come up in relation to such injuries. For one, some types of injury incidents on its premises could expose a business to personal injury lawsuits. Given the high financial stakes such lawsuits can have for a business, a business may want quality legal guidance when deciding what approach to take when it is facing such a lawsuit.

New study shows pedestrian fatalities on the rise

On a beautiful day, you may feel compelled to lace up your shoes and go for a walk. On the other hand, maybe you need a few things from the store, and you decide to hoof it instead of driving the few blocks. Whether you walk for pleasure, sport or convenience, you probably only consider the dangers when you cross the street.

From your early years, you and others learned to look both ways, cross at the corners and stay alert for unpredictable drivers. Nevertheless, the latest numbers show that nationwide pedestrian fatalities are on the rise. In fact, if you're thinking of going for a walk in Louisiana, you may be taking your life in your hands.

Could an app help with brain injury detection?

There are several timing-related matters that can have big impacts on individuals who have suffered brain injuries. One of these is how soon their injury is detected. The longer a head injury goes undetected, the more time there could be for a person to inadvertently end up in situations where their injury could be made worse. Meanwhile, the sooner an injury is detected, the sooner steps can be taken towards getting proper care and treatment for it.

So, what methods are available for the detection of brain injuries, and how effective and efficient these methods are, is a major issue.

New employees and the potential for safety incidents

New employees can bring a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas to a company. However, their lack of experience with the company could have the potential to cause problems if not properly addressed.

This includes safety problems. A new employee not being well-versed enough in the safety policies and practices at a company could leave them more prone to triggering workplace safety incidents. Such incidents cannot only endanger the safety of new workers, they could also endanger others in the area. This could include a company’s other workers, customers or workers from another company.

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