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The many potential impacts of the truck parking shortage

One difficulty trucking companies are coming across these days here in the U.S. is a shortage of truck parking. In a previous post, we noted that one problem this can create for trucking companies is the possibility of their truck drivers ending up parking in unauthorized areas. However, this is by no means the only problem the shortage can give rise to.

A recent TruckerPath report found that finding parking can take a long time for truck drivers in today’s era of parking shortages. This can increase the amount of time drivers are out on the roads. Among the things this can have impacts on is hours of service (HOS) rule compliance. The report noted that a majority of the truck drivers it surveyed said that troubles with finding parking had caused them to violate HOS rules. A trucking company’s truckers being accused of not being in compliance with HOS rules can be problematic for a company in many contexts, including in personal injury cases coming out of a truck accident.

Report indicates there are still many U.S. teens who binge drink

Binge drinking can pose significant risks for teens. How common is such conduct among America’s teens? A recent federal report indicates that while teen binge drinking is trending downward, many U.S. teens still engage in it.

The report regarded drinking among high school students and noted some findings from survey data. The findings indicate that binge drinking was reported by around 1 in 6 U.S. high school students in 2015. The report also points to high-intensity drinking being rather common among the students who reported binge drinking. On a positive front, the report indicates there have been significant declines in teen binge drinking since 1991.

If you got hurt on public or private property, who is at fault?

Suffering any type of injury is frustrating, but it can be especially difficult if you are unsure if you are at fault. Suffering because of the negligence or reckless behavior of another person is never acceptable, and you have the right to stand up for yourself, your interests and your recovery.

If you hurt yourself in a fall or similar accident on public or private property in Louisiana, you may not be to blame. Dangerous property conditions are not your fault, and you may have valid grounds for a premises liability claim. You could have a rightful claim to compensation for what you suffered.

Study looks at the injury risks of falling drones

One thing an increasing number of businesses are looking into using these days are drones. Many special concerns can come up in connection to commercial use of drones. This includes safety concerns.

One such concern is the possibility of a business drone striking someone if it were to malfunction or fall.

Workplace injuries in the poultry and meat industries

A lot of work goes into the foods found in our nation’s grocery stores and on our dinner tables. The food industry is a big one in the U.S. and there are a wide range of different food-related jobs held by workers here in Louisiana and the rest of the country.

Now, some of these jobs can have particularly big safety concerns connected to them. A recent report points to poultry and meat processing jobs being among such positions.

Alcohol-related pedestrian/bicyclist accidents

Among the things that can cause a lot of problems out on the roads is alcohol. Sometimes, alcohol is involved in pedestrian or bicyclist accidents. Now, drunk driving is not the only type of alcohol-related conduct that can be a factor in such crashes. So too can walking or biking while impaired.

A recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study looked at alcohol-related pedestrian and bicyclist deaths here in the United States. Specifically, it looked at how the percentage of pedestrians/bicyclists killed out on the roads who were impaired by alcohol has changed between 1982 and 2014. The study looked at such rates among individuals 16 and over.

Bill would put lower interstate speed limit on large trucks

It is important for all drivers in Louisiana to obey the speed limit when out on the freeway. It is particularly important for drivers of large vehicles, such as commercial trucks, to do so.

Eighteen-wheelers already have the potential to cause a considerable amount of harm when they are involved in interstate accidents. When a truck is speeding, the impacts coming out of such a crash can be particularly devastating.

How culpable are you when your dog bites?

A dog owner's worst nightmare is when an otherwise trustworthy pet lunges at someone. Whether it was a single bite or a vicious attack, authorities may now consider your dog dangerous, and it is likely you will be facing the consequences of the incident. Dog bites are painful, may require extensive medical treatment and can leave disfiguring scars. Your homeowner's insurance may cover part of these costs, but maybe you feel like the attack wasn't entirely your dog's fault.

Breed is not always an accurate indicator

Technology’s many effects within the trucking industry

Technology and trends in people’s use of technology have had impacts within many facets of the trucking industry.

For one, they appear to be impacting recruiting practices within this industry. A recent report indicates that trucking firms have been turning to more tech-driven recruiting tactics in response to the truck driver shortage that has been developing.

Can cell phones help before an accident?

After being in an accident, no matter how small the damages may be, you still may feel like you have been in a jarring, traumatic event. You may not recall all of the details, and may not know for certain who was at fault. Nevertheless, these elements may be very important when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle.

But if you simply can’t remember everything that happened, what are you to do?

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