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How safe are Louisiana’s interstates?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It appears that Louisiana’s interstates are becoming an increasingly busy place.

A recent report indicated that, between 2000 and 2014, vehicle travel on interstates in Louisiana went up 43 percent. No other state saw this big of an increase over this period.

Interstates play a major role in the road system here in Louisiana and throughout the country. However, they also have their safety concerns. Many of these concerns are tied up in the fact that the speed limits on these roads tend to be quite high. The consequences can be quite big when something goes wrong when vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

So, one would hope that, given that Louisiana’s interstates are seeing more and more traffic, that these roads would be, all in all, safe.

Unfortunately, other aspects of the report raise questions as to how safe interstates in Louisiana are. According to the report, Louisiana has the nation’s eighth highest interstate fatality rate. The report further found that only three states had a higher percentage of poor/mediocre-condition pavement on their interstates than Louisiana. Louisiana’s percentage was 26 percent.

What do you think are currently the biggest safety challenges present when it comes to Louisiana’s interstates? In your opinion, what would most help with making the state’s interstates safer?

Very serious injuries can come out of interstate accidents. Given the significant implications such injuries can have for a person, compensation-related legal matters can be very impactful ones for victims of interstate crashes. So, individuals harmed out on Louisiana’s interstates may want to have a skilled traffic crash lawyer’s help when it comes to such matters.

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