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Pokémon Go, businesses and safety

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2016 | Premises Liability

In the short time that it has been out so far, Pokémon Go has had some big impacts out in the real world. For one, as we talked about in a post last month, this augmented reality game has raised some new walking safety concerns out on the roads. The app’s impacts have not just been limited to the realm of walking though. The Pokémon Go phenomenon has also had significant implications for some businesses.

This is because businesses are among the things that can be or be near key things in this geography-based game, such as PokéStops or Pokémon Gyms. So, the game has the potential to draw players into businesses that they might not otherwise visit.

A couple interesting surveys recently came out regarding Pokémon Go and businesses.

One survey, which was done of Pokémon Go players, asked the players questions about visiting businesses while playing the game. The survey’s results indicate that it is very common for Pokémon Go players to go to businesses while playing the game (including small business and businesses they have never gone to before) and that it is pretty common for business visits Pokémon Go players make while playing to be driven by the presence of in-game things like lures, PokéStops or Pokémon Gyms.

The other survey was of certain businesses near PokéStops. Increases in customers, foot traffic and weekly sales were reported by many of these businesses.

As these surveys indicate, Pokémon Go can raise some interesting opportunities for businesses. There are many different tactics businesses may use to try to take advantage of these opportunities.

Now, when experiencing an increase in foot traffic due to Pokémon Go or some other factor, figuring out how to capitalize on the increase is not the only important thing for a business. Also critical is ensuring it is keeping its premises safe for both new visitors and regular visitors. An increase in foot traffic can sometimes create unique customer safety issues for a business. When a business is accused of contributing to an accident by failing to address such issues properly, it could face litigation.

This underscores how important of a consideration the safety of their premises is when it comes to all different kinds of things for businesses, including unique opportunities for drawing in customers.

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