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Motor vehicle accidents: Louisiana crash sends dozens to hospital

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Because of the recent flooding in Louisiana, there are workers who are arriving in the area to help with the cleanup. Unfortunately, some of those headed to the area may be unsafe drivers, potentially resulting in motor vehicle accidents. Police are currently investing a recent crash involving a charter bus that killed two people and sent several others to the hospital.

The incident happened at approximately 6:30 a.m. According to reports, traffic was stopped on a Louisiana interstate because of an unrelated crash. A firetruck and police car with its lights on attempted to warn oncoming traffic about stopped traffic. Unfortunately, the driver of a chartered reportedly caused a collision.

Police say that the bus was speeding when the driver lost control and struck the firetruck. Reports indicate that the bus then struck the rear of a sedan, pushing it into the rear of a pickup truck and another vehicle. The bus then veered, striking three firefighters, causing them to fall approximately 35 feet into water below.

One of the firefighters died after being transported to the hospital; of the other two, one suffered moderate injuries while the other suffered critical ones. A passenger in the backseat of the sedan also passed away. The driver was airlifted to the hospital for treatment, while two other occupants were hospitalized with serious injuries. Additionally, five people in the pickup truck and 24 people on the bus required hospital treatment. Police claim that the driver of the bus was an undocumented immigrant who was not licensed to drive the bus; he has since been arrested and faces multiple charges.

Motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences. Because of one man’s alleged actions, two families are grieving the loss of their loved ones, while dozens of other people are likely recovering from their own injuries. The financial ramifications of such an accident can often create complications for victims and their families. While the firefighters involved may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits, both they and the other victims — or family members for those who suffered fatal injuries — could choose to file a civil suit against the driver and company who hired him in order to pursue some relief from their medical bills and lost wages, among other expenses.

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