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Parking challenges can arise in trucking

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not all truck accidents in which a truck company could end up facing litigation involve a truck that was moving at the time of the crash. For one, sometimes, a truck company could end up facing legal action in relation to an accident that occurred while one of its trucks was parked. Whatever the circumstances of the underlying accident, when a truck company is facing truck crash litigation, it can be important for it to have quality defense representation when responding to the litigation.

One type of parking situation involving a truck that could possibly lead to an accident is when a truck is parked in an area it isn’t authorized to park in, like a highway shoulder.

Among the things that could lead to a truck driver parking their truck illegally is a lack of available legal parking spots in the area they are in. A recent survey indicates it is rather common for truck drivers to encounter this problem.

The survey regarded around 150 truck drivers. These drivers each took a diary of their parking experiences over a stretch of time. Among the things they kept track of in this diary is how often they ended up parking illegally because they couldn’t find a spot.

Nearly 90 percent of these drivers reported having parked in undesignated or unauthorized areas at least occasionally. And almost 10 percent of the drivers said they did so daily.

The survey’s results pointed to the stretch of time between 4 p.m. and midnight being the time where finding a legal place to park was most difficult for the truck drivers.

So, parking-related problems can be a common thing for truck drivers and trucking companies here in the U.S. to face. Given the potential for illegal truck parking to cause accidents and possibly expose truck companies to liability, parking issues can be an important thing for truck companies to give careful thought to when it comes to their policies and practices regarding their drivers and their trucks.

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