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Could smartphone use contribute to exercise accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Premises Liability

Sometimes, accidents occur at a gym or other fitness facility, such as a patron falling while using a piece of exercise equipment. In some instances, a fitness facility ends up facing personal injury litigation in connection to such an accident. When this is the case, getting to the bottom of what caused the accident can be very important for a fitness facility. The details of such an accident can have big impacts on the options and legal situation of a business that is facing litigation in connection to the accident. Skilled lawyers can help fitness facilities and other businesses with investigating the details of an accident they are accused of being liable for.

The list of things that could contribute to an accident in which a patron was hurt at a fitness facility is an extensive one. It includes certain conduct by patrons. Recent research suggests that talking on the phone or texting when exercising might be among such conduct.

A study looked at how talking on the phone or texting while performing a certain exercise activity affected the participants’ balance during the activity. If found that balance was 19 percent worse when talking on the phone. Texting was associated with an even bigger worsening of balance. Balance and stability were impacted by around 45 percent when texting was done when exercising.

How a person’s balance is when exercising can be a very big deal, as balance problems are one of the things that could lead to exercise accidents.

So, it appears that what a person is doing with their smartphone might impact their likelihood of getting hurt when working out at a fitness facility.

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