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The moving industry and self-driving trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Among the industries self-driving vehicle technology has the potential to have major impacts on is the moving industry. This industry utilizes a great many large trucks. If it were to one day become commonplace for such trucks to be fully automated, it could have many implications for companies within this industry.

For one, self-driving trucks could have significant staffing ramifications for moving companies. This technology could heavily impact how many workers and what kind of workers such a business needs to function and to keep its vehicles running safely.

Also, automated trucks could shift what some of the big security concerns are for moving companies in relation to their vehicles. For example, keeping their trucks safe from hackers could become a major concern. A hacked moving truck could pose safety dangers out on the road and dangers to a moving company’s bottom line.

Additionally, self-driving technology could impact the likelihood of a moving company’s vehicles getting into accidents. Taking a human driver out of a moving company truck and instead having the truck controlled by a computer could have all kinds of implications on how safe such trucks are out on the roads.

One could also see special legal issues coming up if self-driving moving vehicles were to get into traffic accidents. This includes questions regarding what sorts of things would cause a moving company to be exposed to liability for such a crash. Legal issues related to liability can have major impacts on companies when it comes to accidents involving their vehicles.

So, what happens with self-driving truck technology within the moving industry could be something to keep an eye on.

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