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Technology’s many effects within the trucking industry

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Technology and trends in people’s use of technology have had impacts within many facets of the trucking industry.

For one, they appear to be impacting recruiting practices within this industry. A recent report indicates that trucking firms have been turning to more tech-driven recruiting tactics in response to the truck driver shortage that has been developing.

The report, by the company HireRight, suggests that social media is taking a more prominent role in truck company efforts to attract new hires. According to the report, there has recently been a 13 percent year-over-year increase in trucking firm use of social networking in recruiting. Meanwhile, some of the more traditional recruiting methods, like trade publications, are seeing a decrease in use. What impacts do you think this shift in methods will have for trucking companies?

Developments in technology also affect what options are available for trucking companies when it comes to training new hires. They can open up new options on this front. One area of new hire training that can be of particular importance is safety training. What training efforts a trucking company takes on this front could impact how its new hires act out on the roads. This, in turn, could affect the company’s liability exposure.

Additionally, changes in what sorts of technologies are out on the roads and are used in trucking can impact what types of evidence can end up being central ones in cases in which a trucking company is facing allegations of negligence in connection to a crash involving one of its vehicles, such as a vehicle driven by a new hire. Issues regarding evidence are among the many types of key issues skilled personal injury defense attorneys can provide trucking companies that are facing such accusations with guidance on and help with.

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