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Report indicates there are still many U.S. teens who binge drink

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Binge drinking can pose significant risks for teens. How common is such conduct among America’s teens? A recent federal report indicates that while teen binge drinking is trending downward, many U.S. teens still engage in it.

The report regarded drinking among high school students and noted some findings from survey data. The findings indicate that binge drinking was reported by around 1 in 6 U.S. high school students in 2015. The report also points to high-intensity drinking being rather common among the students who reported binge drinking. On a positive front, the report indicates there have been significant declines in teen binge drinking since 1991.

Why do you think binge drinking remains something so many American teens engage in? What tips would you give to parents for discouraging their teens from binge drinking and other unsafe behaviors?

In addition to being a general teen risk issue, teen binge drinking can also be a major road safety issue. While pairing any drinking with driving has dangers, mixing binge drinking with driving can be particularly likely to have dire consequences. When a teen gets behind the wheel after binge drinking, their conduct goes far beyond putting just themselves at risk, as they could end up exposing others to life-changing accidents.

So, along with binge drinking, another type of conduct it is critical for parents’ to take steps to prevent among their teens is drunk driving. What do you think are the most important steps for parents to take for trying to keep their teens away from drunk driving?

Individuals who have been hurt by a teen driver (or driver of any age) who got behind the wheel after binge drinking can go to skilled attorneys for guidance on pursuing just compensation.

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