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New employees and the potential for safety incidents

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

New employees can bring a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas to a company. However, their lack of experience with the company could have the potential to cause problems if not properly addressed.

This includes safety problems. A new employee not being well-versed enough in the safety policies and practices at a company could leave them more prone to triggering workplace safety incidents. Such incidents cannot only endanger the safety of new workers, they could also endanger others in the area. This could include a company’s other workers, customers or workers from another company.

So, what safety training a company provides new employees can be a very important issue. Many details about the training businesses provide their new employees can be impactful, including:

  • How soon after being brought on a new worker receives such training.
  • How comprehensive the training is in the topics it covers. There are a lot of different safety topics that could be relevant to a new worker’s job.
  • What methods the training uses, such whether it includes any “hands-on” lessons.
  • How in-synch the safety messages in the training materials and what the company’s supervisors say and do are.

So, these are among the things a business may want to keep in mind when coming up with and executing safety training programs for new workers. Making sure their new employees have been properly trained on safety matters is among the measures companies can take towards preventing safety incidents, and the legal problems they can raise, from happening at their business.

When one of its new employees or another of its workers is involved in a safety incident in which someone was hurt, there could be the potential for a business to face lawsuits, depending on the circumstances. If a company is concerned that legal action could come out of a safety incident that happened on its premises, it may want to get guidance on what defense preparation steps it could take in relation to the situation from an experienced lawyer.

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