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Workplace injury likelihood particularly high among EMS workers

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Emergency medical service workers help people in times of great need and distress. Unfortunately, in the course of doing this important work, such workers sometimes end up in distressing situations themselves. For one, injuries can sometimes occur during the course of performing EMS work.

In fact, data suggests workplace injuries are particularly common among EMS workers. According to data in a recent National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health fact sheet, the lost workday rate of such workers is three times the rate for private industry workers in general.

There are a wide range of injuries individuals in the EMS field can suffer on the job. Research points to the most common being sprains and strains.

There are also many different ways EMS worker injuries can come about. Research points to two of the most common causes of such injuries being body-motion-related causes and harmful substance exposure. Other common causes include slips/trips/falls, violence/assault and incidents related to motor vehicles.

Whatever type of injury an EMS worker suffers on the job and however this injury comes about, how their recovery from the injury goes can have major implications for their future. Many different things can have implications on how the recovery process goes for such a worker. This include what routes they end up pursuing to try to get financial relief for their injuries and what happens during the pursuit of these options. So, among the actions an EMS worker may want to take following getting hurt on the job is to promptly reach out to a skilled workplace accident attorney for guidance on their legal options.

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