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Promoting safe driving among young workers

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many businesses have some of their workers drive as part of their job. How these workers behave on the roads can have major impacts. In addition to affecting the employees’ own safety, it could impact the likelihood of a worker getting into a traffic accident that harms others. Such crashes can raise some complicated, and possibly very financially impactful, legal issues for the company the worker is with.

So, it can be critical for businesses to promote safe driving among their employees who drive as part their work. Among the workers that can raise some special safety concerns for employers when it comes to driving on the job are younger workers. One reason for this is that the accident rates for younger drivers are particularly high.

So, there are various things it can be important for employers to do when it comes to their younger workers and driving on the job. One is making sure to follow all the special restrictions there are for younger drivers when it comes to work-related driving. Among these restrictions are that:

  • Workers under 21 are not allow to drive across state lines in a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Workers that are age 17 are subject to limitations on the types of driving-related tasks they can do on the job and how much work-related driving they can do.
  • Workers 16 and under who work in non-agricultural jobs are prohibited from work-related driving.

Another thing employers may want to do is stay appraised of what tactics and strategies could be helpful in promoting driving safety among their younger workers. Recently, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health released some materials aimed, in part, at providing employers with information and resources on this topic.

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