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Construction workers face considerable risk for fall injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Most Louisiana workers want to do their best to remain safe while at work. Many people may not consider their jobs particularly hazardous, but as a construction worker, you could face significant risks that could result in a serious work-related accident. Unfortunately, this type of accident could also cause you and others to suffer severe injuries that may lead to your experiencing a variety of challenges.

Individuals who work in the construction industry are more likely to face fatal injuries than workers in other professions. Because of this substantial risk, you undoubtedly want to make sure that you do not find yourself in unnecessarily dangerous predicaments while on the job. Therefore, you may want to look out for common construction-related hazards.


Falling from considerable heights is a serious risk because you may have to carry out many of your job-related duties off the ground. Typically, construction workers utilize ladders and scaffolding to help reach certain heights, but if not used properly, these tools could put you at risk. For instance, the chance exists that scaffolding may not be properly put together, and as a result, it may not provide the stability needed to support workers and their materials.

Ladders can also pose a risk, especially if you do not use the right ladder. If you attempt to use a ladder that does not completely reach the height you need, you could end up stretching to reach the area, which could result in your losing your balance and falling. You should also avoid using a ladder — or any other equipment — that is broken or otherwise not fit for use.

Even stairways could pose serious fall hazards. In some cases, the stairs could become blocked with materials, and you and other workers could easily trip and fall. Additionally, if the stairs are slippery, lack proper tread or present other hazardous conditions, injuries could result.

Dealing with injuries

Unfortunately, many construction workers suffer serious or fatal injuries from falls every year. If you have found yourself with such injuries because of a fall or other work-related injury, you may wonder how you will handle the medical expenses and other financial challenges that are likely to result. Luckily, you could potentially qualify for financial assistance through workers’ compensation benefits. Information on how to go about applying for these benefits may prove useful to you.