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The importance of flooring issues in slip-and-fall prevention

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Premises Liability

There are certain things that could lead to a business facing significant liability issues. Among these are slip-and-fall accidents. When a customer or other individual is hurt in a slipping accident at a business, there could be the potential for the company to face a premises liability lawsuit or other legal actions with significant possible financial impacts.

So, there are certain things that can be very important for a company when it comes to the issue of slip-and-falls. One is having skilled legal help with its defense when it is facing litigation in relation to a slipping accident that happened on its premises.

Another is having strategies in place for preventing slip-and-fall accidents. Taking strong slip-and-fall prevention steps can be a critical part of a business’ efforts to keep liability risks down.

There are a wide range of things it can be important for companies to give attention to in their slip-and-fall prevention efforts. This includes the condition of the flooring on their premises. Flooring condition can play a big role in how likely slipping accidents are to occur.

A recent report by CNA suggests that flooring condition issues are something a fair number of companies may be overlooking when it comes to slip-and-fall prevention. Among the things the report had data on was tests that were conducted on the floors at surveyed sites. Reportedly, 50 percent of the sites had floors that didn’t meet the minimum standard for a measure of floor friction level. This measure was the dynamic coefficient of friction level.

There are various things businesses can do to try to ensure the floors on their premises are in a condition that is consistent with their slip-and-fall prevention aims. This includes paying close attention to slip resistance issues when picking what flooring to have for their premises. It also includes taking steps to ensure that their flooring, after being installed, stays in a good condition related to slip resistance. Steps that can be taken on this front includes testing the flooring and using the right cleaning methods and agents on the flooring.

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