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Baltimore takes action to reduce falls by elderly

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Premises Liability

Parents know that children are remarkably resilient in many ways. The most common example is seeing children take a tumble, then jump right back up, and keep playing. Unfortunately, as we age, people lose that ability jump back up. By the time we turn 65, falls become the leading cause of death with tens of thousands of them happening each year.

According to US News, the city of Baltimore has been examining its high rate of falls involving the elderly, which includes 5,000 older adults going to Baltimore’s hospital in 2017. It is now taking steps to reduce those numbers. While the city is filled with old row houses with steep stairways, it is now using hospital data to identify neighborhoods or exact locations of where falls most often happen. City officials can then take steps to address the hazard by installing railings and better lighting, either in public spaces or in homes. The goal is to reduce the incidence of falls by 20 percent over the next ten years.

City tries to save money by being proactive

City officials have come to realize that injuries due to falls is a major issue, with Medicaid and Medicare covering the bills of 75 percent of the estimated $60 million in medical costs per year. The city is also educating people on how to prevent falls, believing this could save $14 million in medical costs annually.

There is also the cascading effect to consider. Once an elderly person is injured, there are often complications. The idea for this new program is to also save money by addressing hazards more quickly so those initial injuries don’t lead to additional injuries and expense to the system.

Medical insurance does not cover all medical expenses

If someone falls and injures themselves on your property, it is advisable to document the incident after calling for help and/or providing immediate assistance. It is also recommended that the owner or occupant find an attorney who handles personal injury matters, particularly if the injury is serious. The right attorney can provide knowledgeable and effective guidance to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.