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Common hunting injuries and how to prevent them

With the gorgeous spring weather upon us, many Louisiana hunters are putting on their gear and heading outside. Turkey season is upon us, and hunters are looking forward to spending some time in the wilderness in hopes of bagging a big fowl.

But every hunting season seems to bring something other than trophies: Injuries. Hunting injuries can occur during any season, on any terrain. Before you set off on your hunting trip, take a moment to read about some common hunting injuries and how to prevent them.

Injury: Shooting accidents

Shooting accidents are what come to mind when most people think of s. Firearms can be incredibly dangerous, as can other weapons like bows. These accidents can also be deadly. Being shot with a firearm or bow would likely result in catastrophic injuries.


Every hunter should take the state-mandated education courses for hunting and firearm use. Hunters should also wear blaze orange clothing to make themselves more visible to other hunters. Be sure to communicate with your hunting companions to avoid mistaking someone as a target.

Injury: Falls

Hunting on rugged terrain means that some hunters may slip, fall and injure themselves. Falls are not often associated with hunting, but they do happen—and they can cause serious harm.

Prevention: Take care when moving through rocky, slippery or uneven terrain. Keep in mind that some weather conditions like rain can make the terrain more dangerous. It may be necessary to travel slower than you wish, but slowing down is worth it if it means avoiding an injury.

Injury: Weapon malfunction

It is rare for weapons to malfunction, but when they do, the consequences can be catastrophic. Sometimes, the manufacturer is responsible for the malfunction due to a manufacturing or design error. Other times, the malfunction is due to the negligence of the hunter.


It is every hunter’s duty to care for their weapons properly, check them for safety and take necessary precautions to avoid weapon malfunctions. However, the manufacturer also has a duty to prevent their weapons from malfunctioning.

If you suffer a hunting injury

Anyone who is injured while hunting may be able to receive compensation. It may be necessary to sue the liable party, whether this is a negligent hunter, manufacturer or landowner. Hunters should explore their legal options after an injury.