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Senator Rand Paul sues neighbor after attack

They say that politics is a tough business to be in Washington, DC. But U.S. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul found out things can be tough at home when he was attacked last November by neighbor while he mowed his lawn. According to a local paper, Dr. Rene Boucher who lives next door to the senator pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress, which is a federal offense. The sentence was 30 days and included a $10,000 fine.

Paul files lawsuit

Paul received multiple rib fractures and contracted pneumonia a few days after the incident. The Senator is now pursuing a personal injury lawsuit for an unspecified amount for compensatory and punitive damages. The suit charges that Paul been deprived of enjoying his life and left him vulnerable to additional disease and injury. Senator Paul also seeks an injunction that would forbid Boucher to have any contact with Paul or his family. Paul was also concerned about continued pattern of stalking and harassment.

Boucher responds

According to Boucher’s attorney, Paul had no out of pocket expenses for the injuries and did not lose any income as a result of the attack. Boucher has already been ordered by the federal judge of the criminal case to avoid contact with the senator, so there is no need for the suit.

No decision yet

The reason for the dispute was that Boucher was unhappy about Paul repeatedly leaving lawn refuse, trash, remnants of trees and other types of refuse close to the property line that divides their homes. While circumstances here are unusual, as are the people involved, it can be a good idea for victims of an attack to pursue a personal injury claim even if there is already criminal charges.