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Bike accident reconstructions are now done

Car accident reconstructions are commonplace when it involves serious damages and injuries. With a million daily bike commuters and millions more who are weekend warriors taking to roads and trails, there is an increase in bike accidents.

Biking is dangerous

One of the biggest challenges for bikers is staying safe even when they are exercising caution and following the rules of the road. The physics of putting a person on two wheels is remarkable – it requires balance to maintain control, common sense to avoid potentially dangerous areas to ride and quick reflexes. Even professional bike racers are injured due to the challenges of operating a bike, and any rider can fall even without a collision.

According to a recent article, three common scenarios for bike accidents are:

  • Low side: Leaning too low in a turn can cause loss of traction.
  • High side: Not leaning in to a turn can cause a rider to fly off their bike.
  • Pitchover: This involves using too much brake, thus sending the rider over the handlebars. It can also occur from hitting fixed objects on the road.

What to look for

There are many differences between accident reconstructions involving bikes. Clues bike reconstruction experts look for include:

  • Tire marks
  • Types of rider injuries
  • Damage to the bicycle, helmet or other gear
  • Sightline obstructions at the point of the crash
  • Body size and weight
  • Skill level of the rider

Injuries can be serious

Many have memories of falling off bikes when they were kids. It usually involved scrapes and bruises, but sometimes a broken bone. However, the speed, weight and settings adults ride in can make for severe injuries. Whether you are the injured party on the bike, or driver who just happened to be there when it happened, these injuries and the potential liability are serious matters. If you become in involved in a crash, it is wise to speak with a personal injury attorney with a background in bike accidents, particularly if a bike reconstruction expert is needed.