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Employee suffering severe burns often need compensation

It is all too common to read about stories of employees being injured on the job. Nevertheless, they are an important reminder that employers and employees must be careful.

One recent example is a Connecticut worker making repairs to a building who suffered severe electrical burns. According to a local report, the contractor was upgrading a building’s electrical system, but unfortunately he made contact with electrical equipment inside the building that severely injured him. The man was transported to Bridgeport Hospital’s Connecticut Burn Center. Although there are now multiple agencies involved in the investigation including OSHA and the New Haven Fire Department, the power company had to turn of the electricity for the entire building before personnel could even begin to investigate.

Serious burns are life changing

Despite the grave nature of his injuries, the contractor is lucky to be alive. While medical care should be the first priority, it is also wise for the injured (or their family) to contact an attorney who has experience with severe or life-threatening personal injuries.

In spite of recent medical advances for the treatment of burns, there are a number of medical issues victims will face. Along with skin grafts, there can be systemic complications involving multisystem organ dysfunction with:

  • Acute kidney injury tubular necrosis
  • Pulmonary failure
  • Cardiac failure
  • Hepatic failure
  • Central nervous system failure
  • Hematologic failure
  • Gastrointestinal failure

Findings about how the electrocution happened have not been released. Whether it was malfunctioning repair equipment, faulty electrical devices in the building or some other issue, an attorney can help determine the best course for getting compensation from other entities.

Not all expenses involving care are covered by medical insurance. There is also loss of income for missing work as well future potential earning to consider as well. This is to say nothing about the pain and suffering resulting from the burns.