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Louisiana drivers near bottom of new survey

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Allstate Insurance Company compiles a list of the motor vehicle accident claims it receives each year. It then breaks them down into 200 metro areas across the country. The number 1 ranked Brownsville, Texas was determined to be the safest place to drive. At the bottom of the list was Baltimore, Maryland. The New Orleans metro area ranked 180, which means that we truly live in one of the most hazardous places to drive in the United States. This low ranking may come as no surprise to drivers here in Covington, and it does not come as a surprise to carrier, which ranked the area at 180 the previous year as well.

Inside the ranking

The claims do not differentiate between minor fender-benders and catastrophic crashes. But there were some interesting details to be found in the report, including the number of years between claims (average is 10 years) and number of hard-braking events per 1,000 miles (average is 19). New Orleans numbers were:

Inner city data

  • 6.4 years between claims
  • 20 hard-braking events per 1,000 miles

Suburban metro area data

  • 8.5 years between claims
  • 14.3 hard-braking events per 1,000 miles

Victims can recover damages

The carrier also pointed out that 94 percent of all claims involved preventable human error, which corresponds with the AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions.

If a driver is the victim in a motor vehicle accident that involves injury and damage to property, it is advisable to seek medical help and then reach out to an attorney. An insurance policy is important, but they do not always provide financial support if the injured are out of work, nor may the initial settlement adequately cover the injuries and damages. An attorney experienced in personal injury always seeks to get the most compensation possible for victims.