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Drunk driving a danger to others

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Louisiana is traditionally one of the least safe states to drive in for a variety of reasons. Increased attention to distracted driving has been the focus for many safety advocates in recent years. However, drinking and driving is still a major cause for concern both as a danger to the driver as well as others on the road. There is a number of reasons why drinking and driving leads to bad driving. These include:

  • Aggressive behavior behind the wheel
  • A general feeling of immunity to the dangers involved
  • Delays in reaction time
  • Careless behavior like wandering from lane or speeding

The cause of injury and damage

It is a sad fact that drunk drivers do not understand that they are a danger to others until it is too late. They do not realize that not only did they not obey the laws, but they also can cause severe and life-changing injuries to crash victims, whether these are other drivers, passengers or even children passengers.

Of course, there is the additional inconvenience of the victim having to replace or repair their motor vehicle. There may also be a dispute with the insurance carrier that is not providing the support to properly fix the car to the satisfaction of the victim.

Those involved in an accident with a driver under the influence should contact an attorney with experience handling personal injury disputes related to motor vehicles. They can work with victims here in Louisiana to get the compensation they need and deserve.