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Common causes of brain injury in kids

A severe head injury to a child is the biggest fear for many parents. It can be a toddler who falls down the stairs or teen who is hurt playing sports. So many took more than a passing interest when a study on traumatic brain injury (TBI) was recently published. It found that 72% of non-fatal traumatic brain injuries involve commercial products.

TBI occurs when there is sudden trauma to the head from a bump, blow, jolt or hit that cause damage to the brain. It estimated that 4.1 million children suffered a TBI injury between 2010 and 2013. The causes of injuries were broken down by groups:

  • Sports and recreation like football, basketball and biking made up 28.8% of injuries
  • Home furnishing and fixtures like tables, beds and chairs made up 17.2% of injuries
  • Home structures and construction materials like ceilings, walls, stairs and floors made up 17.1% of injuries.
  • Child nursery equipment made up 2.7% of injuries
  • Toys made up 2.4% of injuries

Parents need to be vigilant

Many TBI injuries occur in the home, so it is wise for parents to check for hazards routinely. Actions can include moving or securing furniture, removing tripping hazards like area rugs, increase the use of safety gates when there are younger children, and provide handrails without sharp edges. It is also crucial to make sure safety equipment like a car seat is installed correctly.

Sometimes, however, there are design flaws to a product or their installation/assembly. Parents of those injured in cases such as these would be wise to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney with experience handling cases here in Louisiana. They can help to determine if legal action is necessary.