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Did negligence play a role in your slip-and-fall accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Premises Liability

If you experienced injuries in a slip-and-fall accident, you understand the pain and suffering this seemingly minor accident can bring. You might assume your accident was the result of your own negligent or reckless actions, but in reality, you could be the victim of negligent maintenance or security. Another party could be liable for what happened to you.

The issue of liability is one of the most complex aspects of a civil claim from a slip-and-fall accident. How can you know exactly what caused your accident and who is to blame for it? Is the storeowner or property manager responsible for the pain and suffering you experienced? If you believe you could have grounds for a civil claim after this type of accident, you will find it helpful to discuss your concerns with a Louisiana attorney experienced in this complex area of law.

Vicarious liability: what is it?

If you fell while you were in a store, visiting a place of business or on public property, it’s possible that negligence played a role in what happened to you. Trip hazards, wet floors, unmarked dangers and other things can lead to accidents, and owners and managers have a responsibility not to endanger customers or visitors. Even though another person did not push you down or directly harm you, the concept of vicarious liability suggests that another is still responsible, even if indirectly so.

Strict liability: what is it?

The concept of strict liability suggests that someone else is directly responsible for what happened to you. This requires you to provide proof that someone acted negligently or recklessly, ultimately resulting in harm to you. These cases often involve dangerous products that cause harm to consumers, such as defective medical devices. In these cases, you do not have to prove negligence for a successful civil claim.

Learn about your legal options

It’s in your interests to learn about your legal options if you are the victim of a slip-and-fall accident. If you have grounds for a civil claim, there is no time to lose in seeking legal counsel regarding your potential claim. An assessment of your case will help you understand the most appropriate way forward.

These cases are time-sensitive, and taking quick action can help you preserve important evidence. You deserve to know your rights and pursue appropriate compensation if you are suffering because of the actions of another party.