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Why dogs bite

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Premises Liability

Any dog owner can talk about the pet’s personality traits and quirks. Some of these are common to the breed, such as sheepdogs trying to herd children playing. However, each animal is as unique as its human counterpart. This can make the dog unsuitable for individual owners if the animal is prone to bite.

While some types of dogs are more likely to bite, there are no guarantees. Training them not to bite when they are a puppy or adopted is a smart way to avoid problems with biting or attacking. Nevertheless, it is also helpful to understand why they bite.

Its nature and nurture

All animals have survival instincts, and dogs generally will bite if they feel threatened in some way. Circumstances include:

  • Startling them: The basis for “let sleeping dogs lie” is that dogs may come out of deep sleep and go straight into survival mode. It is always best to approach a sleeping dog carefully.
  • Running from them: The instincts to protect, hunt, chase, or heard will prompt a dog to run after someone (or anything) that runs from it.
  • Past experiences: Some dogs are abused by humans or otherwise traumatized in some way. This can lead to anxiety or their misperception of typically non-threatening actions.
  • Illness or injury: All animals are at their most unpredictable when they are injured or sick.

Owners can be liable

Not everyone knows how to behave around dogs. To avoid attacks and potential lawsuits, owners should either train their pets or take precautions if the animal is prone to defensive or aggressive behavior. This includes signs warning visitors of a dog living on the property, verbal warnings to others, and ensuring that the dog is safely secured.

Dog attacks are traumatic for victims and their families. Injuries are often minor, but severe attacks can lead to disfiguration. Those attacked should get medical help immediately, and they also should notify the authorities about the attack. It may also be necessary to file a suit against a reckless owner. A personal injury attorney with experience handling premises liability and dog bites can be a real asset in cases like these.