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3 safety tips for motorcycle riders based on top crash causes

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fast motorcycle drive on asphalt road at sunset

Like any other type of crash, most motorcycle wrecks are preventable when all travelers utilize sound safety practices. If those who routinely ride motorcycles in the summer months understand the top causes of deadly motorcycle collisions, they may have an easier time limiting their risk in traffic.

What safety tips can motorcycle riders follow to minimize their chances of being involved in a severe collision?

Avoid alcohol and peak drunk driving times

Many motorcycle collisions involve someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol in control of one or both of the vehicles involved. Motorcyclists can protect themselves from such collisions by avoiding intoxicants themselves. They may also want to stay off the roads as much as possible during peak drunk driving times, including right after major sporting events or concerts and when local bars or restaurants close for the evening. The weekends around major holidays, including the Fourth of July, are also when drunk driving crashes tend to spike.

Beware of distracted drivers

Those on motorcycles typically can’t distract themselves very much without also compromising their control of the vehicle. It isn’t as easy to eat or text on a motorcycle as it is when driving an enclosed vehicle. Still, distraction is a major safety concern for motorcyclists because drivers already have a hard time noticing them in traffic. Giving those who are in the middle of a meal or an argument while driving extra space could potentially save someone’s life.

Keep speed reasonable

The thrill of the ride tends to increase with a motorcycle rider’s speed, but so does their overall risk. Those traveling at 55 miles per hour or higher are at elevated risk of losing control of their motorcycles and also of suffering severe injuries if they get hit by someone in a bigger vehicle. Being responsible about speed and also giving space to those driving too fast for road conditions could potentially save a motorcyclist from a wreck.

Traffic safety tips can help to protect someone from a collision, but riders also need to know about rules for insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits if they do end up hurt by someone else while traveling on their motorcycle. Learning more about the rules that govern motorcycle collisions may help people to avoid them and/or respond appropriately after a wreck occurs.