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Roads near Covington where semi-truck crashes are common

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes occur with daily regularity near Covington and throughout the greater New Orleans area in Louisiana.  However, the average driver might go years or even decades without a crash. Proactive safety practices can help people mitigate their risk of a life-altering collision.

One of the factors that directly influences the likelihood of a serious collision is where someone drives. There are certain roads that tend to see far more serious collisions than other area thoroughfares.

Certain roads are more dangerous than others

There are a handful of local intersections that have become somewhat notorious as locations for major collisions. Streets with visibility issues and high levels of traffic tend to be the most dangerous. For example, where Pinnacle Parkway/Ochsner Blvd crosses Highway 21 is particularly dangerous because of how busy it is.

Interstates and freeways are high risk as well. Many of the most dangerous roads are highways, freeways or interstates. Both the overall traffic density and the high speed limits on these streets contribute to the risk.

I-12 near Highway 21 is known as a dangerous location to locals. People are largely aware that the road is not large enough to support the daily traffic using the road. Quite a few collisions also occur on local highways, including US-190 and Highway 36.

Those who head into New Orleans may have to travel even more dangerous interstates. According to traffic statistics, several major arteries in and out of New Orleans see elevated crash risk. The most dangerous highways include:

  • Interstate 10
  • Interstate 310
  • Interstate 510
  • Interstate 610
  • Pontchartrain Causeway/Expressway
  • Westbank Expressways

Obviously, these highways are well-traveled for a reason. They offer the fastest, most direct routes to local destinations. Anyone who intends to travel on streets or highways known to have elevated crash risk may need to be a bit more cautious. Employing defensive driving tactics and paying close attention to others during times of heavy traffic could help people avoid collisions.

Drivers who recognize factors that increase their car crash risk can stay safer in traffic. Yet, holding a negligent driver accountable for a crash can also be important if someone ends up injured in a collision despite their best efforts.