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Am I liable for a trespasser's injuries?

You are probably familiar with the holiday movie about the child whose family leaves him behind when they go on vacation, and he fends off burglars with homemade weapons and booby traps. While the movie may make for delightful viewing, in reality, the tricks the child plays on the would-be robbers could likely kill them. Still, as you watch the movie, you may feel the boy has justification.

Are you at risk when you drive among trucks?

It is no secret that big rigs on Louisiana highways create an element of danger that is often difficult to avoid. Whether it is rush hour traffic or the middle of a Sunday night, tractor trailers rule the road with their formidable size and weight. You are probably also aware of the consequences of an accident between a truck and your car, and the likelihood that you will be the one to suffer harm.

What can you do to protect your business from premises liability?

As a business owner, you certainly want to do your best to provide the best service possible to your customers. You may go out of your way to ensure that your products are reliable, prices reasonable and services hospitable. You may also do your best to ensure that your operations meet regulations in order to avoid legal issues in regard to running your business.

Do roundabouts have your head spinning?

Among the most dangerous places to drive is through an intersection. Even when lights control who stops and who proceeds, the design of the intersection may result in a catastrophic wreck when someone makes a mistake. Accidents between cars in traditional intersections are frequently T-bones or head-on collisions, and these often mean devastating injuries and even death for the drivers and passengers involved.

Construction workers face considerable risk for fall injuries

Most Louisiana workers want to do their best to remain safe while at work. Many people may not consider their jobs particularly hazardous, but as a construction worker, you could face significant risks that could result in a serious work-related accident. Unfortunately, this type of accident could also cause you and others to suffer severe injuries that may lead to your experiencing a variety of challenges.

Security measures may help your company avoid liability claims

As a business owner, you certainly want to keep your assets safe. Additionally, you undoubtedly also want to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your patrons. Because various factors could play roles in the overall safety of your business, your security plan could include procedures that specifically meet your needs.

New study shows pedestrian fatalities on the rise

On a beautiful day, you may feel compelled to lace up your shoes and go for a walk. On the other hand, maybe you need a few things from the store, and you decide to hoof it instead of driving the few blocks. Whether you walk for pleasure, sport or convenience, you probably only consider the dangers when you cross the street.

What constitutes a dangerous property condition?

As a business or property owner, you certainly understand the importance of keeping patrons or other visitors safe. As a result, you likely take the time to regularly inspect the premises on which you conduct business in order to ensure that no dangerous conditions exist that could harm others. You likely also take the necessary steps to quickly and efficiently address any potential hazards.

Trench disaster may leave you at a loss

When your spouse went off to work each day, you may have felt the dread that comes when a loved one works a hazardous construction job. On the other hand, maybe, for your own peace of mind, you dismissed the danger and trusted in your spouse's skill and the safety measures taken by his or her Louisiana employer.

Don't get tripped up by a premises liability claim

From the day your business opened, you have probably worked hard to ensure its success. You train your employees well, keep careful records, and maintain a clean and organized establishment. Nevertheless, you may have seen the life of your business flash before your eyes when you saw a customer lying on the floor.

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