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When grocery shopping turns into a slip-and-fall injury

Let’s say that you are grocery shopping, basket in hand, when you suddenly slip and fall, hitting your head—hard. Even under the store’s harsh fluorescent lights, you didn’t see the puddle of water underfoot. Now that you have been injured, you may have to pay hefty fees to receive medical care— and all because you slipped and fell while you were shopping.

Take precautions for your swimming pool

Most of the country is covered in snow, but it’s still (fairly) warm in Louisiana. That means that many Louisiana homes still have their pools open and running. Taking a quick dip, even in the winter, is a pastime that many pool owners enjoy. Most people associate pools with harmless fun, but they can also pose serious liability risks. A guest slipping and falling near your pool could lead to a major lawsuit. Not to mention accidental drowning, which is the second leading cause of injury-related deaths in young children.

Is your company boat covered by liability insurance?

If your company uses boats to conduct business, you may not be aware that you are at risk for premise liability lawsuits. Most liability policies contain specific exclusions regarding watercraft. That means that if you carry out company business on a boat, you could be doing so without the protection of insurance, leaving you vulnerable to litigation.

Think outside the building with exterior property maintenance

Owning property or running a business on a piece of property could result in your holding liability for any incidents that take place on that property. While most of the time you may have little to worry about in regard to the safety of others who visit the premises, you could find yourself in a difficult situation if a safety issue arises and a person suffers injuries. In such cases, the injured party may feel the need to take legal action against you.

The importance of flooring issues in slip-and-fall prevention

There are certain things that could lead to a business facing significant liability issues. Among these are slip-and-fall accidents. When a customer or other individual is hurt in a slipping accident at a business, there could be the potential for the company to face a premises liability lawsuit or other legal actions with significant possible financial impacts.

Chemical safety and swimming pools

There are various amenities a business might make available to its patrons. For some businesses, these amenities might include a swimming pool. For such companies, one thing that it can be critical to give appropriate focus to when it comes to their pools is chemical safety. This can be an important aspect of protecting both their patrons’ safety and the business’ interests.

What should I do if injured in a slip-and-fall accident?

When you go to someone else's property, it is not unreasonable for you to expect not to get injured. However, sometimes a seemingly ordinary visit to a store in Louisiana, for example, can end up leading to a trip to the emergency room if you suffer a slip-and-fall injury. Fortunately, if your injury was the result of the carelessness of the property owner, then you have the right to take legal action through the civil court system.

Could smartphone use contribute to exercise accidents?

Sometimes, accidents occur at a gym or other fitness facility, such as a patron falling while using a piece of exercise equipment. In some instances, a fitness facility ends up facing personal injury litigation in connection to such an accident. When this is the case, getting to the bottom of what caused the accident can be very important for a fitness facility. The details of such an accident can have big impacts on the options and legal situation of a business that is facing litigation in connection to the accident. Skilled lawyers can help fitness facilities and other businesses with investigating the details of an accident they are accused of being liable for.

The special safety concerns for convenience stores

Each type of business can have its own particular set of safety concerns connected to it. Among the things that this can impact for a business is what safety steps it may want to take when it comes to its operations and premises. How a company addresses the safety concerns unique to it could impact the safety of its workers and customers. It could also impact the likelihood of it facing premises-related legal action, such as premises liability litigation from a hurt customer.

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