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Precise Handling Of Wrongful Death Actions

The Truitt Law Firm, LLC is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, sometimes referred to as “The Big Easy.” In the early 1970’s, a Louisiana newspaper writer began calling New Orleans “The Big Easy” comparing the easy-going way of life here to the hurried pace of life in other large metropolitan cities.

While we certainly embrace the great, easy-going lifestyle of our city and state, we also recognize that every client’s legal problem is BIG to them. So, at The Truitt Law Firm, LLC, we pledge to make your BIG LOOK EASY. Talk to us today.

Don’t Just Hire Any Lawyer

In today’s legal environment, lawyers claiming to be “trial lawyers” are as common as lawsuits themselves. At The Truitt Law Firm, LLC, however, that term has meaning. Our clients, whether large corporations, insurance companies, small businesses or personal injury victims, know that when they have our law firm on their side, they truly have a team of trial lawyers representing them.

Our firm’s lawyers have vast experience in the courtroom and have handled a wide array of personal injury cases. However, being an experienced trial attorney also means knowing when to settle a case before it reaches the steps of the courthouse. A hallmark of our law firm has been providing clients with an early assessment of their case and a recommendation as to whether to settle a case or proceed to trial.

Our past clients are our strongest advocates. We invite you to review our success stories and the high praise that our clients have shared with us.

Experienced Litigators Assisting Clients Statewide

The Truitt Law Firm, LLC provides depth of experience, knowledge of the law and skill as litigators to clients across Louisiana. Our clients entrust us with their claims and litigated matters from New Orleans to Shreveport. Judges and opposing counsel throughout the state are familiar with our reputation and know that our lawyers and staff will be well-prepared to handle cases in the highest professional and ethical manner.

One of the most important distinctions between The Truitt Law Firm, LLC and other personal injury firms around the state is the high volume of cases that our lawyers have taken to trial — close to 500 among the firm’s lawyers.

Why is that important? Because in a practice area where more than three-fourths of the lawsuits filed nationally settle out of court, it is critical to retain the services of a law firm that has the proven ability to litigate and win when a fair settlement is not achievable.

This is not to say that we litigate needlessly. To the contrary, we always remain mindful of our clients’ best interests and strive to resolve cases as efficiently as possible. By establishing such a strong record of going to court and winning, however, we are able to negotiate from a position of strength.

We Understand Both Sides Of Personal Injury Cases

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases. Our extensive experience handling both sides of these lawsuits allows us to effectively anticipate opposing counsel’s strategy.

From offices in Covington and Metairie, we represent injured individuals throughout Louisiana on a contingency fee basis. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you will only pay attorney fees if we obtain a recovery for you.

For our clients on the defense side, we have been a leader in alternative billing arrangements and always maintain fair billing rates and invoices. It’s one reason we have enjoyed great loyalty from our business and insurance clients over the years.

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