At The Truitt Law Firm, you won't find heavily starched attorneys thinking equally rigid thoughts. Instead, you'll find legal experts who look beyond the expected to the exceptional, where the extraordinary solutions are found.

In today's complex world of litigation, the ordinary is simply not acceptable. Our firm is equipped with the tools and personnel to achieve above average results at reasonable costs, without sacrificing quality. Our attorneys recognize that in order to prevail in the modern legal arena, there is a need to be innovative and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. By combining our extensive knowledge of the law and its intricacies with the use of modern technology, our firm is able to provide clients with exceptional results, without the "big downtown firm" attorney's fees. Our commitment to charitable work in our community is another part of our effort to exceed the ordinary.

Time and time again, our firm continues to exceed our clients' expectations. We see each client, be it a corporation or a person, as an individual, not just another file. As one of our clients, you can expect personalized individual attention, open communication, and emphasis on cost effective strategies, zealous legal representation and a swift response to any questions or concerns you may have.




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I worked closely with Bobby Truitt and the other attorneys of The Truitt Law Firm for many years. What impressed me the most was Bobby's candor and abilities as a trial attorney. He obtained numerous "zero verdicts" for Kmart, and consistently provided good counsel at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend The Truitt Law Firm.

- Andre F. Mayes, Esq., Kmart Corp. Asst. General Counsel

"Bobby and his firm are conscientious in their efforts to get the best results possible at a minimal cost to their client."
- Sally Rock, USF Insurance Company

"I highly recommend Bobby Truitt. I know him to be a very competent, capable Insurance Defense Counsel. I always found him to be very accessible and accountable, and he has always produced excellent results."

- Kaedra Arnold, AIG

"Bobby has a great eye for "seeing the big picture" and adeptly surveying the "forest for the trees," yet also is detail-oriented enough to adroitly engage in creative, problem-solving that can turn on nuanced issues. His patience and personability means he can be relied upon to provide  great customer service."
- David Afton, First Mercury Indemnity Company
"We hired Bobby Truitt as a workers' comp defense counsel. We have found both he and his firm's work to be exemplary.  They deliver what they promise, and they are always very thoughtful in explaining the different strategy options available to us.  Bobby is also very aware of costs, and we feel that he provides an outstanding value to us.  I would highly recommend Bobby and the Truitt Law Firm to any business client who is interested in retaining a lawyer who is business minded and respectful of the cost of doing business today."
 - Mark Tullis, LCI Workers' Comp


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