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When workers suffer serious injuries on the job, their immediate thought usually is to submit a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are situations in which an injured employee can make a personal injury claim in addition to collecting workers’ compensation. These include incidents where an injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, such as an independent contractor, or by a defective tool or a piece of equipment.

At The Truitt Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys work with injured workers from a broad range of industries, including offshore refineries and other maritime workers, construction workers, industrial employees, laborers, law enforcement officials and office workers. We will review the facts involved in your workplace accident to determine if filing a personal injury claim also makes sense

injured worker fell from ladderWe Will Review All Of Your Legal Options

We add value to our clients’ cases by maximizing the amount they recover. If we review your workplace accident and do not feel it warrants a personal injury claim, we’ll tell you as much. If the facts show that you do have a strong case, we will represent you on a contingency basis, meaning you will only pay attorney fees if we obtain a recovery for you.

Our personal injury lawyers also have a strong track record of representing insurance providers, self-insureds and employers in personal injury claims. Our thorough knowledge of Louisiana law in this area, combined with our experience handling both sides of these cases, allows us to accurately anticipate the opposing counsel’s strategy and develop a strong counterargument.

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If you suffered a workplace injury that was caused by a faulty product or a third party on the job site, or if you have been named as a defendant in a workplace personal injury lawsuit, contact us to schedule a free consultation by calling 985-273-0900. We work with clients throughout Greater New Orleans and across Louisiana from offices in Covington and Metairie.
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Common Questions And Answers About Louisiana Workplace Injuries

After a workplace accident, it is important to understand your legal options and obligations. The best way to do that is to speak to an experienced attorney like those at The Truitt Law Firm, LLC. On this pages, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common workers’ compensations we receive from clients. If you have additional questions after reading, please contact us to discuss them in a free initial consultation.

What benefits are available under state workers’ compensation laws?

In Louisiana, injured workers whose claim is approved can generally expect to have their injury-related medical care paid for or reimbursed, as well as mileage reimbursement for traveling to and from medical appointments. If you need to miss more than a week of work, workers’ compensation can also replace part of your wages while you recover from your injury.

If your injury results in long-term/permanent disability or leaves you unable to return to work in the same field, you may have access to disability benefits and/or vocational rehabilitation and job placement benefits.

I was injured while working offshore. Do I have options other than traditional workers’ compensation?

Yes, you do. Many workers in Louisiana and the other Gulf States are considered maritime employees, and their various workplaces are governed by maritime laws (instead of, or in addition to, state workers’ comp laws). Some of these include:

  • The Jones Act
  • The Death on the High Seas Act
  • The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Our firm represents injured maritime workers in Jones Act cases, which is often preferable to traditional workers’ comp because it affords a broader level of compensation in many cases. If you’ve been injured in a maritime accident, we can help you assess and pursue your compensation options.

Can I sue my employer for causing my on-the-job injury?

For better and worse, the answer is typically no. In Louisiana, employers are shielded from liability in exchange for carrying workers’ compensation insurance that covers their employees. This is a tradeoff meant to protect companies and to allow workers to have their injuries covered without needing to pursue litigation.

That being said, you may have additional compensation options if your injuries were caused by a third party other than your employer or a coworker for the same employer. If you are a commercial driver who was injured by someone who was driving drunk, for instance, you could pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver in addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

These types of cases are known as third-party liability claims, and our attorneys have significant experience representing workers who were injured by a negligent third party, whether it was a person, business or organization.

Do you defend insurers and employers against frivolous workers’ compensation claims?

Yes, we do. In fact, we represent these parties even when a claim has merit but needs to be cost-controlled to the extent possible. Our extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases gives us and our clients a significant advantage. We can almost always anticipate the actions of opposing counsel and plan accordingly.

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