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Louisiana drivers near bottom of new survey

The Allstate Insurance Company compiles a list of the motor vehicle accident claims it receives each year. It then breaks them down into 200 metro areas across the country. The number 1 ranked Brownsville, Texas was determined to be the safest place to drive. At the bottom of the list was Baltimore, Maryland. The New Orleans metro area ranked 180, which means that we truly live in one of the most hazardous places to drive in the United States. This low ranking may come as no surprise to drivers here in Covington, and it does not come as a surprise to carrier, which ranked the area at 180 the previous year as well.

Inside the ranking

Feds may require new motorcycle safety technology

Riding motorcycles continues to be the epitome of risky behavior that can lead to severe injury or death. Now the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) voted 5-0 to recommend that motorcycle manufacturers institute some updated technology to improve the safety of motorcycles built for road.

The federal group recommends including anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control as standard equipment. The next step would be for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to take these recommendations and use its authority to impose new safety regulations.

Suit filed against Brad Pitt’s foundation

Actor Brad Pitt has maintained a residence in New Orleans for several years. He was acutely aware of the need for new housing after Hurricane Katrina, so his Make It Right foundation stepped in and built housing in the Lower Ninth Ward. The foundation hired award-winning architects in 2007 and construction began in 2008. The goal was to build 150 aesthetically unique houses that were storm safe and solar powered. The foundation sold them for $150,000 each to residents who received resettlement financing, government grants and money from the Make It Right Foundation. 10 years later

The foundation has spent an estimated $26 million so far and has built 110 homes. According to reports, many of the finished homes are falling apart with sagging porches, leaking roofs and mildewing wood.

Rehabilitation following a traumatic brain injury

An accident at work or on a Louisiana highway can change your life and the lives of your family in the blink of an eye. If your injuries include head trauma, you may be one of hundreds of thousands each year who must face the new reality of a traumatic brain injury that affects every aspect of their lives.

The brain is such an intricate organ that medical science does not fully understand its complexities. What they do know is that the brain controls the rest of the body, and damage to any section of the brain may leave you struggling to use the parts of your body that portion of the brain controls. This can be anything from walking to controlling your emotions. Surviving a traumatic brain injury often means re-learning tasks you have done without a thought for most of your life.

Employee suffering severe burns often need compensation

It is all too common to read about stories of employees being injured on the job. Nevertheless, they are an important reminder that employers and employees must be careful.

One recent example is a Connecticut worker making repairs to a building who suffered severe electrical burns. According to a local report, the contractor was upgrading a building’s electrical system, but unfortunately he made contact with electrical equipment inside the building that severely injured him. The man was transported to Bridgeport Hospital’s Connecticut Burn Center. Although there are now multiple agencies involved in the investigation including OSHA and the New Haven Fire Department, the power company had to turn of the electricity for the entire building before personnel could even begin to investigate.

Airlines revising rules on pets

It has become commonplace in recent years for passengers to bring their pets on flights. The animal will often remain in a carrier, but some pet owners will let their furry friend out at some point during the flight or walk them around in inside the airport.

According to various s, Southwest Airlines has announced that it will now allow only one dog or cat per passenger as emotional support animals. This is a change in policy after a child was bit on a flight. These measures are getting support from regulators at the Department of Transportation.

Baton Rouge Councilman’s death a reminder of dangers of biking

A driver of a Chevy Tahoe hit two bicyclists riding in rural West Feliciana Parish, killing Baton Rouge Metro Council member Buddy Amoroso and seriously injuring another cyclist riding with him.

The crash occurred at 11:30 a.m. on June 30 while the two were riding single file east on Tunica Trace Byway. According to various news reports, the SUV struck the victims from behind. The driver was charged with counts of negligent homicide, negligent injuring and limitations on passing bicycles. Amoroso is survived by his wife, three children and several grandchildren.

Motor vehicle accidents: Woman killed in Louisiana

It is sometimes amazing to think of the many different things in place to keep drivers and their passenger safe. Some people may even overlook the number of lives that are saved by preventing motor vehicle accidents with something as simple as a stop sign. Unfortunately, a Louisiana woman recently lost her life in an accident.

The incident happened one evening on a day in early August. According to reports, a 17-year-old female driver failed to yield at a stop sign. As a result, her sedan reportedly struck a pickup truck hauling a boat. The truck then entered into oncoming traffic, striking another vehicle head on.

Doctors won’t let their own kids use trampolines

Fun doesn’t have to be synonymous with dangerous. Certain fun equipment, though, often leads to injuries. Many items from toys to exercise equipment to old machinery can cause serious injury if they’re used incorrectly.

Many people are aware of the insurance term “attractive nuisance.” It’s when an item in your possession might attract trespassers – and cause them harm. Children are especially drawn to certain kinds of items. If they’re injured, you may be responsible for the results. There are many examples, from parking a junk cars in your backyard to an uncovered well or unusual landscaping, but the two most common nuisances are swimming pools and trampolines.

Is a civil claim an option after a work accident?

A serious work accident can leave a Louisiana worker facing complex injuries and other issues, such as expensive medical bills, inability to return to work and other complications. While many injured workers have grounds to move forward with a workers' compensation claim, that is not always the only option available to you. It might be appropriate to file a civil claim as well. 

In very specific circumstances, it may be a smart choice to file a claim against a third party in addition to or instead of a workers' compensation claim. If you think this is a viable option for you, you would be wise to know all of your options before you move forward. You have the right to seek recovery of your financial losses.

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