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Bobby Truitt named Super Lawyer and Peter Gahagan named Rising Star for 2019

Thomson Reuters has announced that Jack E. "Bobby" Truitt has been selected as a Super Lawyer for 2019. Truitt has been named to this prestigous list for the fifth year. Super Lawyer is decided by peers based on skill, trial abilities and ethics.

WATCH issues list of 10 most dangerous toys

Parents generally try to balance elements of fun and safety when picking toys for the kids. Add such benefits as being educational or durable and a toy can be a real winner, at least in the eyes of the parents. However, Great Aunt Agnes or Uncle Pierre the confirmed bachelor may not have the same priorities. These gift-giving issues can be monitored at birthday parties, but the sheer volume of presents and the frenzy of Christmas morning can mean problem toys may be overlooked.

It is not too late, however, to go through the toy box to see if there are gifts that pose a danger to the recipient or even a younger sibling. The consumer safety group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) recently issued its 46th list of the 10 most dangerous toys on the market. Parents can use this list (as well as the reasons the toys made the list) as a quick reference to see if any new gifts pose a danger.

If you have employees, consider these 2 types of liability

When you opened your business here in Louisiana, you probably knew that it could potentially face legal liability from a variety of sources. Every time the company enters into a contract, provides goods or services to customers or lets people in its doors, the possibility exists that someone will file a lawsuit against it.

Another source of potential liability comes from employees. Either employees could take action against your company or their actions can cause someone else to take similar action in the event of an accident.

Trucker deaths hit record high

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report that 840 truckers died on the job in 2017. This is up from 786 in 2016 and represents an overall jump of 25 percent since 2011. According to experts, trucker drivers average 26.8 deaths per 10,000 workers, which is markedly higher than the average across all professions of 3.5 deaths per 10,000 workers.

Truckers at fault

Cruise lines still not addressing those who fall overboard

Stories of passengers falling off a cruise ship seem to make the rounds every month or so. In fact, experts believe that an average of 1.5 passengers fall off the boat each month. It is a relatively small number considering the fact the cruise industry entertains about 27 million passengers annually, but critics wonder if the industry could do better.

Technology can monitor this issue

Bike shares and safety

It seems that ride share programs like Uber and Lyft have quickly become part of the fabric in the metro areas of Louisiana. The next step has been the launch of Blue Bikes in New Orleans, which enables customers to hop on one of the 700 bikes at any one of its 68 stations in the city.

Advocates for bikes shares see plenty of reasons why they are a great idea, including:

A change in concussion protocols for kids

There has been a heightened awareness of concussions diagnosis and prevention in recent years. This applies to professional athletes all the way down to young children. Generally speaking, those who have suffered a concussion would cease work and activities until the symptoms went away. This usually meant the following:

  • Sitting in a dark room
  • No television, computers or other screens
  • Minimal stimulation
  • No physical exertion

Holiday parties and serving alcohol

Folks here in Louisiana know a thing or two about throwing a good party. This is of course a point of pride in the community, but businesses need to start thinking about legal issues. Providing alcohol at business events like a holiday office party can open up the owners to a range of liability issues.

The rule of thumb in the era of the #MeToo movement is that acceptable behavior at work events is the same as it would be in the office. Victims of an employee assault or victims injured or killed due to an over-served employee driving home can leave the company liable for damages.

Is your parking garage ready for holiday shoppers?

Even with the ability to shop online, many people still like to go to stores in order to find holiday gifts. Then there are people who take this time of year to go to doctors, dentists and other health care professionals in order to take advantage of certain aspects of their health plans. This could mean more traffic for your business through the end of the year.

Your parking garage, or the one your rental payment includes the use of, could see a lot of traffic. Making sure that your customers or clients remain safe as they maneuver through the parking garage is a priority.

Employers may be liable for employee auto accidents

The scope of employment-related activities on the job can be a real grey area for employers and employees. In the past, a worker injured while working at a company would generally fall under the heading of workplace injury. Now, however, employees can work just about anywhere.

This leaves the question of whether they were actually working when they were driving through traffic and got into a crash. Workers can be on their devices talking while driving or answering a text at a red light. This driving while distracted is the scourge of motor vehicle safety, and it has dangerous consequences for the employees and others involved in an accident. It can also be expensive for the employer.

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