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Few events in life are as devastating as unexpectedly losing someone you love. The grief is all the more difficult if their death was the result of someone else’s negligence, and therefore, preventable. Finding answers and pushing for accountability are often just as important in these cases as securing financial compensation. When you hire The Truitt Law Firm, LLC, however, we will work tirelessly to help you obtain all three.

Our firm has been litigating personal injury and wrongful death cases in Louisiana for nearly 30 years. And because we have vast experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we can anticipate the arguments of opposing counsel. This often allows us to resolve cases quickly and favorably through negotiation or trial.

A Basic Overview Of Wrongful Death Claims

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Personal injury lawsuits are well understood by the general public, but wrongful death matters may not be. An easy way to think about a wrongful death claim is as a personal injury case with injuries that result in death. Nearly any negligent act or intentional action that would warrant a personal injury suit (if the victim had survived) would also qualify for wrongful death litigation (if the victim died due to their injuries).

The other major difference is who serves as the plaintiff. Because the victim didn’t survive, a representative brings the case on their behalf. In Louisiana, the victim’s surviving family members are the only people who can bring a wrongful death action. In order of allowance, those family members are:

  • A spouse and/or children
  • Surviving parents
  • Surviving siblings
  • Surviving grandparents

These family members may be related to the victim by blood or adoption. We discuss the financial damages available in these cases in our frequently asked questions about wrongful death section

Dignified Representation For Either Plaintiffs Or Defendants

Emotions run high in wrongful death lawsuits, and understandably so. Families lost someone they love and seek accountability. When our wrongful death attorneys represent you as a plaintiff, we will work to convey just how important the victim was to you and others, and what the full impacts of their loss will be.

Conversely, if we represent you as a defendant or an insurance company, we will never minimize the family’s loss or trivialize their attempts at seeking accountability. Instead, we will focus on the facts of the case, including demonstrating (in some cases) that the victim’s death could be attributed to other causes or problems.

No matter which side of the courtroom we are on, we always strive to represent our clients and to conduct ourselves with dignity and respect for all involved in the legal process.

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Answers To Common Questions About Wrongful Death Litigation

A fatal accident can alter the lives of everyone close to the victim. Though no amount of money can change a devastating loss, striving for full and fair compensation may offer you and your family a tiny bit of solace. Our attorneys at The Truitt Law Firm, LLC, with offices in Covington and Metairie, can guide you through the wrongful death claim process with compassion and diligence. We will advocate to bring justice for your loved one.

Below, you’ll find answers to questions that clients commonly ask about wrongful death claims in Louisiana. After reading, please contact us to discuss your own questions and concerns in a free initial consultation.

What is considered a wrongful death?

Wrongful death is when another person is negligent and causes death. A wrongful death claim can be brought when a person is killed due to the legal fault of another person. That person can be a careless driver who causes a vehicle collision or an employer with unsafe work conditions that results in an employee’s death, among other situations.

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

Surviving loved ones of a person who has died due to the negligence of another may file a wrongful death claim to seek financial compensation for their loss. Survivors can include a spouse, children and parents. The types of losses you can seek compensation for can include:

  • Future lost salary of the deceased
  • Lost companionship
  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Vehicle damage and replacement

Our attorneys will carefully analyze the details of your case to assess all possible damages. Our goal is to maximize your compensation while holding the at-fault party legally liable.

How long do I have to file a wrongful death claim?

The time limit to bring a wrongful death suit in the state of Louisiana is short. A claim of this type must be brought within 12 months of the victim’s death.

Survivors Can Learn More In A Confidential Consultation

If someone you love died because of negligence, you have the right to pursue financial compensation. Our caring, compassionate and experienced wrongful death claim attorneys are here to help. To discuss your legal options during a free and confidential consultation, call us at 985-273-0900 or request a consultation using our convenient online contact form.