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Louisiana lawmakers considering upping texting-and-driving fines

On Behalf of | May 19, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Here in Louisiana, texting and driving is illegal driving conduct that is punishable by a fine.

Currently in the state, a person can be fined up to $175 for a first offense of texting while driving, while a second offense carries a maximum fine of $500. These fine levels would go up significantly if a bill that is currently being considered by Louisiana’s legislature is ultimately passed into law.

The bill would nearly triple the first-offense fine ceiling, raising it to $500. It would also double the second-offense maximum fine, bringing it up to $1000.

One wonders what impacts the bill will have on how safe Louisiana’s roads are if it does ultimately make it through the legislative process and raise the fine levels. The fine level of a given traffic law violation can sometimes have impacts on how prevalent committing that type of violation is among drivers.

Fines are not the only matter regarding money that can come up in relation to texting-and-driving. Another such matter is what sort of compensation victims of a texting-while-driving accident will receive. When a person texts when driving, they can end up causing car crashes that result in others suffering injuries that can carry major medical expenses, pain/suffering, employment effects, relationship effects and other impactful consequences with them. What compensation victims of texting drivers ultimately receive can have significant implications regarding what resources the victims have for dealing with these consequences.

So, getting the level of compensation one deserves can be very important for a person who was hurt by a driver who texted behind the wheel or committed other unsafe driving conduct. Many challenges and difficulties can potentially come up in connection to pursuing compensation in relation to a car accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys can provide victims of motorist negligence with guidance and help throughout the various steps of pursuing fair compensation.

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