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How can paradegoers remain safer at the festivities?

Ironwork galleries on the Streets of French Quarter decorated for Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras in Louisiana blends culture, music and vibrant celebrations. Parades and parade floats are a central focus of the weeks-long party season. These marvels of creativity and tradition wind their way through the streets to captivate crowds with their elaborate designs and lively atmosphere.

While these floats add a unique charm to the celebrations, they pose specific safety concerns. It’s essential for those attending the parades to be aware of how to enjoy these festivities safely. Understanding the risks and adopting safe practices near floats can prevent accidents and injuries.

Safety around parade floats

Always keep a safe distance from moving floats. While getting close for a better view or catching throws is tempting, encroaching on the float’s path can be dangerous. Float riders often throw beads and other trinkets, and excitement can lead to unsafe rushing toward the float.

Ensure children are always supervised and not running towards the floats.

Be cautious of float blind spots

Be aware of the blind spots around floats. These are large vehicles with limited visibility for the drivers and riders. Avoid standing or crossing too close to the front or sides of a float, where the driver may not see you. This is especially important in crowded areas with restricted movement and low visibility. Encourage your group to stay together and avoid areas that seem exceptionally crowded or close to the float’s path.

Respect barriers and instructions

Parade organizers often set up barriers along the route for crowd control and safety. Respect these barriers and don’t attempt to cross them to get closer to the floats. They are placed strategically to ensure a safe distance between the crowd and the floats. Also, pay attention to any instructions given by parade officials or law enforcement. Their directives are intended to maintain safety and order during the parade.

Anyone attending specialty parades, such as Mardi Paws in Covington, should also ensure they keep pets safe around other dogs and people. Avoid using retractable leashes and keep a close eye on your pet. You should also pick up your dog’s poop to help avoid others from slipping on it.

With all of this said, even the safest paradegoers can suffer injuries. When someone else’s negligence causes them, seeking compensation is possible. Working with a personal injury attorney familiar with how these laws work with Mardi Gras crows and festivities is advisable.