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How the statute of limitations affects personal injury lawsuits

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Someone who is going about their daily business can end up abruptly harmed by an outside party. Both businesses and individuals can cause major harm to others. People choose to drive while drunk or to commit acts of violence against other people. Businesses release unsafe products, hire unstable employees or maintain dangerous facilities where people end up hurt.

The law in Louisiana allows those harmed by the illegal behavior or negligence of others to seek compensation through the civil courts. A successful personal injury lawsuit can help compensate an individual for expenses related to injuries and property damage losses. Even if someone has already filed an insurance claim, a civil lawsuit could help if their costs exceed what insurance paid.

Many people may have a theoretical right to file a lawsuit. However, Louisiana has a very strict statute of limitations. As a result, people have a limited opportunity to seek justice after misconduct or negligence triggers financial losses because of the statute of limitations.

What is the personal injury statute of limitations in Louisiana?

A statute of limitations is a law specifically limiting certain legal actions. There are statutes of limitations that apply to criminal charges and also civil proceedings. If too much time passes, individuals and even the government can lose the ability to take the matter to court.

A personal injury lawsuit filed in Louisiana is subject to one of the strictest statute of limitations in the nation. Individuals typically only have one year from the date of someone’s injury or an incident that causes property damage to file a lawsuit.

It is easy for those struggling to recover from a damaging situation to lose track of time. They may then find themselves unable to hold the other party accountable for misconduct or negligence. People who have suffered losses in Louisiana need to learn about their options as quickly as possible.

A personal injury lawsuit may be necessary even if someone hopes to receive insurance coverage in certain cases, as companies may only pay out what the courts mandate or apply very strict policy limits. Arranging a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible after an injurious situation occurs may help people more effectively establish whether they are in a position to take legal action after an incident causes injury and financial losses.