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Businesses can face lawsuits over workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

One of the things a Louisiana business owner might be tempted to assume is that the only type of claim their business would ever have to deal with in relation to workplace accidents are workers’ comp claims.

It is true that, under the state’s workers’ comp system, employees generally are prohibited from bringing personal injury lawsuits against their employer in relation to workplace injuries, with workers’ comp typically being the exclusive workplace injury remedy hurt workers can pursue in regards to their employer.

However, this does not mean a business could never end up facing a personal injury lawsuit in connection to a workplace accident. For one, if a business’ workers fall into one of the narrow categories of workers that are exempt from worker’s comp coverage, a business could potentially end up facing personal injury claims from those workers if they are hurt in workplace accidents.

Also, if a workplace accident involves workers other than the business’ employees, the business could, under certain circumstance, end up facing lawsuits from these other workers. For example, if a worker employed by another party alleges that a product/piece of equipment a business produced was defective or alleges that the business committed some sort of negligence, and claims that the defect/negligence contributed to a workplace accident they suffered, the business could potentially be sued by this non-employee worker.

When a workplace accident occurs that a business or one of its products was involved in, it can be very important for its owners to understand what legal issues (including potential personal injury lawsuits) the business could be facing and what they could do to prepare for these issues. Also, when a business is facing a personal lawsuit in relation to a workplace accident, it can be critical for it to navigate the situation carefully. So, when a business owner has concerns about a given workplace accident that happened involving their business or their business’ products, they may want to promptly consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury defense and workplace injury matters.