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Is Louisiana a dangerous place?

Everyone hopes that the area they live in is safe. Given this, the results of a recent WalletHub report are something Louisiana residents may find pretty disappointing. The report indicates that Louisiana is among the most dangerous states in the nation.

For each state, the report looked at factors in five main safety areas: safety from natural disasters, workplace safety, road safety, financial safety and home/community safety. The report used its findings from this review to rank the states (along with the District of Columbia) on overall safety.

The overall ranking Louisiana was given was No. 45, putting the state well within the top ten most dangerous states.

Here are the rankings that Louisiana was given in the five main safety areas:

  • Safety from natural disasters – No. 34.
  • Road safety – No. 39.
  • Home/community safety – No. 40.
  • Workplace safety – No. 43.
  • Financial safety – No. 46.

So, in every one of the main safety areas the report looked at, Louisiana was well in the lower half of the nation.

What do you see as the biggest general safety risks in Louisiana? What do you think are the biggest challenges Louisiana faces when it comes to becoming a safer place?

As this report underscores, individuals can face safety risks in all sorts of contexts, such as when they are out on the roads, when they are at their workplace or when they are out and about in their community. Many things can impact how likely a person is to experience injuries in these different contexts, including general conditions/circumstances in their state and community and how responsibly other parties act. When a person is hurt out on the roads, at a business, at someone else’s home, on the job or in some other context, personal injury attorneys can help them with ascertaining whether negligence on the part of other parties was present and whether there are any legal remedies they could pursue.