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The importance of preventing worker distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

How a company’s workers act when driving a work vehicle or when driving as part of a work-related task can have big implications for the company. For example, cellphone use while driving by workers in such driving situations could have multiple significant negative impacts.

For one, it could greatly endanger the driving worker’s own safety. Also, it could result in company property getting destroyed in the event the conduct leads to an accident. Such a crash could also, depending on the circumstances, potentially expose the company to legal action if others were injured in the crash. Experienced personal injury defense attorneys can help companies understand their options when they are facing litigation in connection to a motor vehicle accident, such as a distracted driving accident, involving one of their workers.

So, given the harm it can cause, cellphone use while driving is something it can be very important for companies to take measures to prevent when it comes to work-related driving by their employees. Among the things that could help with such prevention is having a workplace cellphone policy.

When introducing a cellphone policy to try to help prevent distracted driving by workers, it can be very important for a company to have the right kind of policy for the circumstances and implement it appropriately. So, among the things a company may want to do when it decides to have such a policy are:

  • Carefully think about its goals for the policy and what terms would best help with these goals.
  • Have good communication with employees regarding the policy and its goals, both before and after introducing the policy.
  • Take steps to ensure that workers are aware of the new policy, such as through posters and policy roll-out events.
  • Take measures to ensure the policy will be appropriately enforced.

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