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How safe will 2017 prove to be at U.S. refineries?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Many things can impact the safety of workers in industrial workplaces, such as refineries. One is what happens in regards to maintenance and repair at such plants.

A recent Reuters article indicated that many refineries in the U.S., particularly those in the Gulf Coast region, may have plans to do major repair and maintenance projects in 2017. However, the article also noted that such refineries may run into a problem that could get in the way of such projects happening in a timely manner.

This problem is a labor shortage. It is being predicted that, given a variety of factors, there could be shortages in all different types of positions involved in refinery repair/maintenance work. It is thought that such shortages could be at significant levels in the Gulf Coast region.

Delays in repair and maintenance work can have many negative impacts at refineries. For one, they could increase safety concerns at a refinery, possibly exposing its workers to an increased chance of being subjected to accidents. So, how refineries respond to the anticipated labor shortage could have significant worker safety implications.

One wonders what U.S. refineries will ultimately end up doing when it comes to maintenance and repair projects in 2017 and what impacts these actions will have on the safety of refineries and the workers in them.

Accidents at refineries can have massive ramifications for workers. Industrial accidents can subject workers to incredibly serious injuries. The legal issues related to such accidents can also be quite complex. So, when a worker has been hurt in an accident at a refinery or other industrial plant, they may want to seek out an assessment of their situation and an explanation of their options from a skilled workplace accident lawyer.