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Safety issues can have financial and workforce impacts for companies

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

There are many steps small businesses can take to promote workplace safety. This includes providing employee safety training, putting policies in place regarding safety issues relevant to their workplace and creating an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting possible safety problems. What safety measures a business takes can be very impactful for it, as how safe its workplace is can have many ramifications for the company’s well-being.

For one, workplace safety problems could impact a company financially. How safe a business’ workplace is can impact how likely workers or visitors are to suffer injuries when at the business. Legal issues that have the potential to be costly for a business can come up in relation to such injuries. For one, some types of injury incidents on its premises could expose a business to personal injury lawsuits. Given the high financial stakes such lawsuits can have for a business, a business may want quality legal guidance when deciding what approach to take when it is facing such a lawsuit.

How safe its workplace is could also impact a small business’ ability to attract the high-quality workers that it wants. This is because workplace safety issues are one of the things individuals may factor in when deciding where they would like to work.

A recent survey indicates workplace safety is something that small business workers care about considerably. A little over 1,000 workers were polled in this survey. The workers were asked about what things mattered to them when it comes to a job. The survey found that workplace safety was among the things workers held to be of top importance. Things workplace safety ranked higher than among the surveyed workers include professional growth opportunities and the quality of potential coworkers.

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