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Study finds bridges and roads in need of repair

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

We love our fair state, but updating roads and infrastructure do not often get the attention they deserve. There is now a new study by the non-profit Washington, DC-based TRIP that has determined that 14 percent of state and local bridges totaling 1,821 in number are “structurally deficient” due to significant deterioration of the supports, decks and other major parts. This is the seventh highest rate in the country.

High price tag makes matters worse

The study also points out that the Federal Highway Administration estimates that it would cost $1.9 to fix or replace all these bridges. Currently facing a $14 billion backlog of road, bridge and transportation projects, the state’s own estimate puts the total for bridgework at $3.4 billion. According to the state’s Secretary for Transportation and Development, these projects are currently on hold because there is not enough funding. He also warns that things will get worse if these repairs are not addressed soon.

Bad news for drivers

Every driver in the state is affected by these findings. While infrastructure is not our strong suit, it is clear that state is not providing safe roadways, which leads to severe accidents and death regardless of how careful drivers are.

Those injured due to poorly maintained roads and bridges are advised to discuss their options with an attorney knowledgeable in personal injury. They can help secure compensation from state and municipal entities to cover injury, loss of income and other expenses involved with repairing the vehicle. They can also help hold these entities responsible if this sort of negligence leads to the death of loved ones.