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Safety precautions for Thanksgiving and the holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Almost everybody looks forward to the holiday season—and why wouldn’t they? Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special days are a time of celebration where friends and family gather and look a the positive in a world that’s often overshadowed by bad news.

Those gatherings are an important time to let loose and enjoy life but they can also get out of hand. It’s important to treat every party as a safety hazard and take precautions to make sure that your guests are safe. Some safety measures are common sense, but others are easily overlooked as you’re basting the turkey, cleaning the basement and finding the extra set of wine glasses.

Three fundamental safety tips

Whenever you’re hosting a party or gathering, whether they are friends from college, distant relatives or your neighbors from across the street, this basic advice can limit tragedy later:

Don’t drink and drive – It’s a familiar rule that you’ve heard since elementary school, but in times of celebration people it’s important to remind everyone. The holiday season is among the most dangerous times of year for traffic fatalities. Many adults may not feel the effects of a couple glasses of wine or cocktails, but they still may be legally impaired.

Don’t loan your car – You may run out of cups, hors d’oeuvre or ice at a party. While the convenient solution may be to send your brother to the store, maybe had more to drink than you know, or maybe he’s never driven your vehicle before and it operates differently in the winter. In the event of an accident, you may be liable for damages.

Don’t allow minors to drink – It’s tempting for many parents or aunts/uncles to make the holidays a little extra special by allowing a teenage family member to have a glass or two of wine. While your home may feel like a safe place for this behavior, anything can happen. Much like the previous two examples, a routine errand or change-of-plans opens the door to disaster.

There are multiple factors in any crash

Even if you take every safety measure you can think of, the fact of the matter is that driving involves forces beyond your control. There is no guarantee others will take the same steps, which is why drunk driving fatalities are an ongoing problem, for example. When another driver causes an accident, the holiday season quickly changes from celebratory to serious. Anyone in need of assistance after a car accident should consult with an attorney to review your case for liability matters and to ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation to recover from your losses. There can be multiple causes for a crash. The driver of a borrowed car or an accident caused by a minor under the influence are complex matters that deserve a complete review.