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Is your parking garage ready for holiday shoppers?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Premises Liability

Even with the ability to shop online, many people still like to go to stores in order to find holiday gifts. Then there are people who take this time of year to go to doctors, dentists and other health care professionals in order to take advantage of certain aspects of their health plans. This could mean more traffic for your business through the end of the year.

Your parking garage, or the one your rental payment includes the use of, could see a lot of traffic. Making sure that your customers or clients remain safe as they maneuver through the parking garage is a priority.

Creating a safe atmosphere

It may require some financial commitment, but good security measures can pay for themselves as they protect people from slips and falls, attacks and car accidents. The most often used security equipment used in parking garages includes the following:

  • One of the biggest complaints many people have is a lack of adequate lighting. Installing plenty of lights not only provides better ability to see, but also deters would-be attackers.
  • Security cameras and video surveillance also work as a deterrent for criminal activity. In addition, a good system records activities in the parking garage, which may come in handy later.
  • Security personnel monitoring cameras and conducting roving patrols also provide another layer of safety.
  • Alert and emergency notification systems can provide a link between people who need help and security. Even if it’s only to help with a dead battery, your customers feel safer and appreciate the customer service.
  • Some garages even have license plate recognition software that helps police investigators locate a vehicle if something happens.
  • Barriers and gates allow you to control access of vehicles and pedestrians, which helps increase the safety of those inside the garage.

Even though you may not see the results of your efforts at boosting security in your parking garage, it may be the point. Like an insurance policy, you pay a premium each month and hope to never use it. Of course, there is no way to completely reduce the potential for accidents or attacks. If something does happen in the garage, the measures you take could lessen any potential liability you could face.

Another safety measure you could take to protect your business is to make use of the legal resources available here in Covington to help you understand your rights and legal options if someone files a claim against you.