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Parking lots can be a dangerous place for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Premises Liability

When you go to your favorite grocery store, department store or any other place with a parking lot, you will find yourself exposed to injury from vehicles. You may feel relatively safe as you walk into the building, since it’s not like you are walking in the street with cars passing by you at high speed.

Don’t believe this false sense of security, however. Data estimates that about one in every four pedestrian accidents takes place in a parking lot. Even when workers have designed the parking lot with your safety in mind, accidents still happen.

What you can do to increase your safety

Even though vehicle drivers must also take precautions to avoid a collision with you, another vehicle or a structure, you can take the following steps to increase your chances of getting into the building and back to your vehicle safely:

  • The need to pay attention and remain alert as you walk through a parking lot cannot be stressed enough. Even though most drivers pay attention, don’t rely on it.
  • If you see a vehicle parked in an odd place, remain vigilant and make sure any traffic coming your way can see you before you step out.
  • Parking lots have numerous blind spots by nature. Make sure that you pause to make sure no vehicles are heading toward you or that any headed toward you can see you.
  • It may seem counterintuitive, but walk in the aisles since this provides the best visual of you to those driving through, backing out or pulling into a space. Walking between the vehicles makes you less visible.

Walking through a parking lot requires the same amount of attention and vigilance as it does to walk across a street. Make sure you look both ways before crossing through aisles or the street leading in and out of the building.

What you can do if a driver hits you

The above tips may seem obvious, but it never hurts to remind you not to get complacent. Keeping your safety in mind as you walk through a parking lot could save your life and prevent serious injuries.

If you take all of the above precautions and still end up hurt when a driver strikes you, it may be possible to recover the financial losses you incur in the aftermath of the accident. Medical costs, lost income and other damages add up quickly, and Louisiana law provides you with an avenue to pursue compensation for those losses.