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Slip and fall fraud costs businesses money

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Premises Liability

You want to think most of your employees and customers are reasonable people and wouldn’t want to cause any harm. However, that’s not always the case. Just take a look at this man in New Jersey, who faked slipping on some ice to get insurance money. Luckily, security footage shows the man staged the fall by throwing the bag of ice on the floor before he “fell over.”

They say a slip and fall is one of the oldest methods in the book for fraudsters and plenty of people still do it. Factoring in medical bills, treatments and potentially lost wages, the property owner and their insurance company are looking paying $40,000 or more.

Why people do this?

Several factors cause even the most moral of people to commit an act like this. Perhaps they’ve run into detrimental financial trouble and think some extra insurance money could cover their losses. If it’s a disgruntled employee, they may feel resentful and detached and think scamming a few extra bucks out of the business won’t hurt them. And for some, the thought of more money alone makes it worthwhile.

The best ways to prevent fraudulent claims

Video of any kind can help decrease the risk of a fraudulent slip and fall claim. By examining the footage, you can often catch who is faking it and who isn’t. You can also:

  • Review security footage regularly
  • Identify possible hazards in your workplace
  • Post extra signs if there is a slippery or dangerous area in your workplace
  • Keep an open line of communication with your insurance company
  • Train your employees what to look for if a slip and fall occurs  

It may be necessary to challenge the claim

Injuries in your place of business should always be taken seriously, especially fraudulent injury claims. If you suspect an employee or customer is filing a fraudulent claim against you, an attorney can defend your organization or place of business.