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Utilize summary judgment to protect your interests

If you, or your company, are facing a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a motor vehicle accident, then you probably want to get out of it quickly and with as little damage as possible. While you might be willing to negotiate the claim in hopes of escaping a trial judgment, you might have better options at your disposal.

One of them is seeking summary judgment. Those who have been dealing with personal injury lawsuits long enough are probably familiar with this legal maneuver, but successfully pursuing it means mastering the facts of the case, anticipating the other side’s approach, and knowing the law well enough to be persuasive.

Summary judgment is proper when there is no dispute as to material facts and the movant is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Therefore, you’ll often want to present the facts as you see them and apply the law. Then it’s often best to describe how the other side is going to present the facts and argue how, even if that’s true, that you would still win. Essentially, it’s telling a judge that no matter how the facts are presented, you would still win the case, so why take the time to litigate it.

To succeed on a summary judgment motion, you’ll need to have a lot of foresight as far as how the other side will respond, and have a deep understanding of the law. That way your motion can be as thorough as possible with a solid foundation on the law. Of course, in order to get to that point you might need to engage in a lot of preparation. This could include taking depositions, requesting documentation, and even conducting an accident reconstruction.

Choosing a legal advocate to help you with this process, should he decide to seek out assistance, can be challenging. However, experienced legal professionals stand ready to aggressively fight for your interests. You just have to make sure you do your homework and choose the legal team that is right for you.