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Head-on collision in Louisiana leaves two injured

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most of us will probably have the good fortune to only be involved in minor “fender benders” once or twice in our lives. However, we all know that much more serious motor vehicle accidents occur every day in America. One such collision reportedly occurred recently in Louisiana, leaving two people with severe injuries.

The crash

According to the reports, the collision in question occurred during the evening rush hour time on August 13 in nearby Slidell. And this was no “fender bender.” The reports indicate that it was a head-on crash and a suspected drunk driver, who may also have been speeding, was allegedly the cause.

The suspected drunk driver, a 34-year-old man, did not suffer any injuries in the collision, according to the reports, despite the fact that after the initial head-on collision his vehicle also flipped over a roundabout and hit yet another vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle he struck in the head-on collision, however, were not so lucky. The reports indicate that the driver of that vehicle, a 17-year-old student driver, and a passenger – the driving instructor – suffered injuries that included “head trauma” and broken bones. They were both transported to New Orleans for medical treatment.

Be aware of dangerous drivers

Although there are many dangers on the road in Louisiana and throughout the country at any given time, drunk drivers have long been a serious issue. The recklessness these drivers engage in places not only themselves, but many others in danger. When Louisiana residents are injured in car crashes caused by drunk drivers, they may have civil legal options to pursue.