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Common ways a motorcyclist can cause a collision

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can happen in the blink of eye. For the motorist, it may seem as if the motorcyclist came out of nowhere. And while motorists in Louisiana have a duty to practice motorcycle awareness, motorcyclists too have a duty of care when riding. The following are some common ways motorcyclists can cause a collision with an automobile.

Taking corners too fast

Sometimes a motorcyclist will take a corner too fast, lose control and crash into an automobile. Motorcyclists should ride at a speed that matches how far they can see, using landmarks such as electric poles or road signs to determine the road’s direction.

Distracted riding

Motorcyclists, just like anyone else behind the wheel, can be prone to daydreaming or other distractions. A distracted motorcyclist can easily rear end another vehicle.

Poor vehicle maintenance

It is important for motorcyclists to ensure their bikes are safe to ride. For example, bald tires could cause a loss of traction if the road is slick due to rain or oil, causing the motorcyclist to lose control and collide with an automobile.

Drunk riding

Drunk driving is not a negligent behavior reserved for motorists. Motorcyclists who ride while drunk can easily cause a collision. Simply put, drunk driving (or drunk riding) is never a good idea.

Were you involved in a collision with a motorcyclist?

It may be easy to blame the motorist in motorcycle accidents, but sometimes the motorcyclist is the party that is at fault in the crash. If you are being accused of causing a motorcycle accident, but believe it was the motorcyclist who caused the collision, you may want to seek legal advice.