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The most important rule for staying safe while on a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

a motorcycle rider on empty country road

Any vehicle can crash, and most collisions are, terrifying. However, some types of collisions usually result in worse outcomes for individuals. Motorcycle crashes can be particularly severe because of how small a motorcycle is when compared to an SUV or other large four-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycles themselves also offer very little protection in the event of a collision.

Those who regularly ride have an interest in protecting themselves from the worst-case scenario, which might include another driver doing something very unsafe that leads to them getting hurt in traffic. There is one motorcycle safety tip that people often share that could potentially save someone’s life in traffic.

What is the most important safety tip for a motorcycle rider?

Obviously, there are many ways that a motorcycle rider can improve their safety, from consistently checking the systems on their motorcycles before a ride to investing in the best protective gear possible. However, the biggest risk factor for a crash is outside of a rider’s control.

They have to minimize the chance that another driver will make a mistake and hurt them. The most effective way to do that is to pretend to be invisible. If a motorcycle rider adjusts every behavior on the road to act as though others cannot see them, they could potentially avoid a situation where someone hits them due to improper surveillance or distraction. Other drivers obviously can see motorcycles but frequently fail to actually watch for them. When a rider assumes that people will ignore them rather than assuming the opposite, they can potentially protect themselves from severe injury or worse.

Pretending to be invisible might entail several different practices

Adjusting behaviors to act invisible can require small changes to how someone rides. Motorcycle riders might maintain more space between their vehicle and others. They might pause for a bit longer at an intersection, especially a four-way stop. They may even choose to plan an alternate route so that they can avoid particularly dangerous maneuvers, like turning left at a very busy intersection.

While safety tips can only go so far to minimize crash risk, they can potentially make a significant difference for someone who is out for a ride and worried about personal safety. Finding ways to address common causes of motorcycle collisions may help people reduce their risk of a major crash.